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Morning Chalk Up’s Favorite Stories of 2023

Morning Chalk Up

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Happy New Year and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Truemed gains attention with a Washington Post article. Learn how you can get 30% off your gym membership
  • Morning Chalk Up’s writers share their favorite stories of 2023
  • Is 2024 going to be Gabi Migala’s year?
  • What are some AIRWAAV benefits beyond breathing?

Elevate your gains in 2024 with Morning Chalk Up’s New Year Nutrition Guide.

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“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” - Abraham Lincoln

  Truemed Gains National Attention, CrossFit Gym Members Can Save Up to 30%   

Truemed Gains National Attention, CrossFit Gym Members Can Save Up to 30% 

Health and wellness benefits offered by employers are getting more attention as of late, thanks in part to a service called Truemed, which has helped to make gym memberships, meal services, supplements, and more, eligible for Health Savings Account (HSAs) and Flexible Savings Account (FSAs) funds.

HSAs and FSAs set aside money, before being taxed, to pay for qualified healthcare costs. CrossFit affiliates, Orangetheory, and F45 Training are among the fitness brands made eligible for these pretax dollars through Truemed.

Remind me: Morning Chalk Up writer Joey Adduci highlighted how local affiliates can get involved and start accepting HSAs and FSAs.

Truemed has gained national attention in recent weeks, including being featured in a Washington Post article discussing the expanded benefits that HSAs and FSAs can offer through outside services.

What does this mean for CrossFit? CrossFit affiliates who want to work with Truemed can become approved vendors and begin accepting HSAs and FSAs at their businesses.

  • “Qualified customers are able to reimburse their CrossFit membership with HSA/FSA dollars – meaning a savings of 30% on average,” according to Truemed.
  • The added benefit would mean no revenue loss for the affiliate, but a cost savings for the member.
  • The average price of a CrossFit membership in the United States is $160 per month and the average length of client retention is 7.8 months, according to a data report from Two-Brain Business.
  • Retaining members is a constant work in progress for affiliates, so adding an HSA/FSA option could ease the work and hopefully help maintain long-term memberships.

CrossFit HQ held a webinar on the program in September and gyms across the country have started to offer HSA/FSA eligibility through Truemed. The benefit is likely only going to spread as health and wellness offerings become more popular among the general population.

The bottom line: If you’re a current member or considering joining an affiliate, ask if they are offering HSA/FSA reimbursement or plan to in the future.

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🚨🥇🚨 Podium Sale: Supplement maker, Podium, has announced its biggest sale of the year, the “One and Done” sale, running January 4-11. Loyalty members can shop a day early, so sign up now. *U.S. only.

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How to earn points:

  • Log your daily workout for one point each day, up to five points each week.
  • You can also post on social once per week for five points.
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2023 CrossFit Games Behind-the-Scenes: Christmas came early for fans of Sevan Matossian’s behind-the-scenes work. His team dropped a trailer for their 2023 CrossFit Games behind-the-scenes series, slated to be 15 episodes long, to be released one episode at a time, starting this month.

ICYMI: The 2024 CrossFit Games Competition Rulebook was released just before Christmas. Get a look now.

  Morning Chalk Up’s Staff and Writers Favorite Stories of 2023  


Morning Chalk Up’s Staff and Writers Favorite Stories of 2023

As we enter into a new year, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of our favorite pieces from 2023. The past year was full of big changes and moments for everyone, from elite athletes to everyday affiliate members. We’re lucky enough to be able to document and be a part of so many of these moments and remember some of our favorites.

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  Is 2024 the Year That Gabi Migala Makes the CrossFit Games Podium?  

Is 2024 the Year That Gabi Migala Makes the CrossFit Games Podium?

In her fifth straight year at the CrossFit Games in 2023, 24-year-old Gabi Migala from Poland inched one step closer to the ever-elusive podium, finishing in fourth place overall.

Migala, best friend and training partner of 2023 champion Laura Horvath, has finished eighth overall or better at the Games for the past three years and just had the best year of her career so far:

  • 2023: 4th
  • 2022: 8th
  • 2021: 6th

Along with her Games performance, she also won the incredibly stacked European Semifinal, beating both Annie Thorisdottir and Laura Horvath head-to-head.

With all of this momentum, will 2024 be the year that Migala finally earns a spot on the CrossFit Games podium?

Migala’s 2023 CrossFit Games Performance

Migala is extremely well-rounded and usually doesn’t have any specific movement weaknesses in her game, but one thing she is lacking is event wins and top-three finishes, both of which are necessary to finish on the overall podium.

For example, at this year’s Games, Migala had seven top 10 event finishes, but only one finish inside the top three and no event wins.

Migala also had four event finishes in 15th or worse, with two of those being in 22nd or worse.

Meanwhile, the woman Migala was tracking down, third-place overall, Arielle Loewen had four finishes inside the top three and only one finish outside of the top 15.

These minor differences were able to give Loewen a 95-point lead over Migala at the end of the weekend.

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  Beyond Breathing: Five Other Benefits AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece Delivers  

Beyond Breathing: Five Other Benefits AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece Delivers

If you have been around CrossFit for a while, you have probably heard of AIRWAAV, known for their performance mouthpiece that helps you breathe more efficiently, and all the cool kids are using it.

We’re talking the Rich Fronings of the world. The ten-time CrossFit Games champion was an early adopter and has been vocal about how it has improved his breathing and ultimately his performance.

How it works: AIRWAAV’s performance mouthpiece directs your tongue down and forward, so when you bite down, it creates an optimal airway for more efficient breathing.

  • AIRWAAV offers two performance mouthpieces—the HIIT and the Endurance–depending on the athlete’s preference. The HIIT is a more relaxed fit, making it easy to pop in and out of your mouth if need be, while the Endurance offers a snugger, tighter fit.

And while breathing has been the main reason CrossFit athletes like Froning, Dallin Pepper and Abbie Domit have turned to AIRWAAV, the company’s researchers say it offers various other benefits well beyond improved breathing efficiency. It also provides an edge when it comes to endurance, strength, recovery, mobility (yes, mobility) and even sleep.

The Benefits Explained

Endurance: As mentioned, when you bite on the mouthpiece and your tongue is directed down and forward, your airway becomes more open, which means you can breathe easier, which means your respiratory rate decreases by as much as 20 percent.

  • This results in less lactic acid and lowered perceived exertion as you’re working out, which means less muscle fatigue, so you can go harder for going longer.

Recovery: Peer-reviewed research also shows that using the mouthpiece while training reduces cortisol production after a workout by as much as 50 percent, and cortisol is, of course, highly linked with recovery.

  • Two-time CrossFit Games athlete Pepper even suggested the mouthpiece helps reduce DOMS, saying, “When you’re deep in that pain cave, by limiting that [feeling] you’re not going to be as sore.”
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  Beyond Breathing: Five Other Benefits AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece Delivers  

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