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Our Favorite CrossFit Love Stories

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Our top CrossFit love stories for Valentine’s Day
  • How to get your box ready for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open
  • CrossFit Games team competitor takes HYROX championship in Chicago
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“There is no instinct like that of the heart.” - Lord Byron

  Our Favorite CrossFit Love Stories  

Our Favorite CrossFit Love Stories

Yes, CrossFit is the premiere functional fitness methodology, a serious and stoic endeavor.

However, gym crushes and dating endorphins can make difficult WODs a little less painful, and the elites are no different. You’ve seen them on Instagram, watched their relationships develop, and hoped for a bond like theirs. Here’s a roundup of some of the most iconic couples in the CrossFit world to fuel your Valentine’s Day.

Annie Thorisdottir and Frederik Aegideus

With 17 Games appearances, 2 Fittest on Earth titles, and one adorable baby between them, Annie Thorisdottir and Frederik Aegideus are the OG CrossFit couple. The pair got together in 2012, the year of Thorisdottir’s second Games championship. They call Iceland home, where they frequent CrossFit Reykjavik. Since the birth of their daughter, Freyja, Thorisdottir has been candid about her struggles with postpartum depression and body image.

Mia and Dylan Kade

Newlyweds and seasoned Games veterans Mia and Dylan Kade have a love story for the history books–meeting at 15 and 16-years-old, competing at the CrossFit Games together in the teenage division, life-changing illness, and marriage all before their mid-twenties. The couple, who met while training for the Games, recently celebrated six months of marriage.

You can read more about the Kades’ story here.

Jessi and Chandler Smith

Spunky and full of positive energy, this couple always brings style and fun to the competition floor. The pair became Instagram-official in 2020 and got married in 2022. In addition, they’ve made the move to Boston and CrossFit New England to join the CompTrain crew together. From support on the competition floor to playing tug-o-war with a group of kids, Jessi and Chandler will always be #couplegoals.

Alex Parker and Meredith Root

An impressive pair of professionals-turned-athletes-turned-adventurers, Alex Parker and Meredith Root have done it all. The couple got married in 2022 and Alex added the Boston Marathon onto their ever-growing list of athletics feats, and they own and run Tactic Nutrition. From competing at the CrossFit Games to a Morning Chalk Up column and from a safari in Tanzania to LGBTQ advocacy, there’s nothing these ladies can’t do.

Alec Smith and Riley Hedstrom

Gymnastics-extraordinaire, CrossFit Games athlete, and everyone’s favorite Smith brother (just kidding, OR AM I?) Alec Smith recently proposed to his longtime boyfriend Riley Hedstrom. Plus, the pair partnered with American Eagle for a holiday campaign, so they’re now officially models.

Justin Medeiros and Ellie Turner

Star-crossed lovers from across the world, these two new-age CrossFit powerhouses are a recent addition to the #couplegoals list. Turner, who trains under the eye of Adam Neiffer with Medeiros, has gone back and forth from CrossFit Fort Vancouver in Washington to her home in Australia. These hilarious lovebugs are inseparable, even to the point of sharing a hammock at Wodapalooza!

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The Open is Here!: The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open is now just two days away, and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Morning Chalk Up will have all the workouts, updates, stories and highlights, so keep your eye on our newsletter, social media and competition hub as 23.1 gets set to kick off.

Coach update: CrossFit Games athlete and US bobsled member Colleen Fotsch has joined Crafted Coaching.

Team updateTeam PRVN has entered the game and will feature Tola Morakinyo, Taylor Williamson, Andrea Nisler and Tim Paulson.

Athlete update: Australian Kara Saunders will not be competing this season, noting she is still taking things “year to year.”

Another athlete update: The UK’s fittest woman, Lucy Campbell, who came 16th at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games, will be sitting out this season with a wrist injury.

Athlete signing: Brooke Wells has inked a deal with Podium.

  How to Program Around the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open Workouts  


How to Program Around the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open Workouts

The first NOBULL CrossFit Open workout will be announced this Thursday, February 16th at 12:00 PM PT. Affiliate owners and coaches will have their hands full for the next few weeks, helping thousands of athletes around the world test themselves.

The Open is a great way to build community at your gym, but it’s a balancing act when trying to operate and grow a business, run a three-week event and keep the different populations of your gym engaged. Today we’re going to talk about a template that will allow you to program around the Open workout to ensure you’re not overdoing certain movement patterns and considering the members in your gym who may not care about the Open.

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  CrossFit Games Team Athlete Mikaela Norman and David Magida Win HYROX North American Open Championships in Chicago  

CrossFit Games Team Athlete Mikaela Norman and David Magida Win HYROX North American Open Championships in Chicago

A CrossFit team quarterfinalist took the women’s division of the HYROX North American Open Championship this past weekend in Chicago.

Mikaela Norman, who hails from Sweden and came 16th with CrossFit Nordic Original last year at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games, won the weekend event (Feb. 11) which took place at the Chicago Navy Pier.

Norman has gone to the CrossFit Games twice, which also included back in 2016 when she came sixth overall in the individual category. She also made the semifinals in 2021 as an individual, placing 19th at the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown.

On the men’s side, David Magida won, making an impressive push on the last station, wall balls, to take the title. The event is part of a circuit and the winners have now qualified for the world championships, which will take place later this season at a yet to be determined place.

More than 2,000 athletes and spectators attended the event and CrossFit media were in attendance including John Wooley (Make Wods Great Again) and on-field reporter at the CrossFit Games Niki Brazier, both of whom attended with their podcast Kettlebells & Cocktails.



Three Tips for Improving Your Toes to Bar

One of the movements consistently seen in the Open each year: Toes to Bar. If you haven’t worked your weaknesses this off season, you’re going to want to read this article by Invictus Athlete!




The MOVE+ Giveaway- Before It's Too Late

You may have seen Travis Mayer or Emily Rolfe posting about their MOVE+ red light therapy devices to help relieve joint pain and discomfort... now you can win one FREE during the Open Recovery Giveaway powered by Kineon! Giveaway ends 2/15. Get ready for the best Open yet.



How to do Speedy Bar-Facing Burpees

Are you trying to figure out how to go faster on your bar-facing burpees? Then you might want to master the gallop method.



Free Roast and Chicken in Your First Box

When you sign up for ButcherBox as a new subscriber, you will get free roast and chicken in your first box for a limited time. That’s right, comfort food delivered to your front door. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts!



This Partner Valentine’s Day Workout

Grab your swolemate and take on this partner workout by #theWodLife! Because isn’t a partner workout the ultimate test of love?


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  • 🎉 Happy 10-year affiliate anniversary to CrossFit Braintree in Essex, UK.
  • Congratulations to Raheem from Core City CrossFit Kids in Detroit, MI on the 30-inch box jump PR.
  • Congratulations to the reigning Fittest in the 14-15 Boys Division, RJ Mestre from Nashville, TN, on the overhead squat PR of  315 pounds/142.8kg.
  • Power or nah? PRVN semifinal athlete Paulina Haro hit a 230 pound/104.3kg clean.
  • Semifinal athlete Taylor Self completed 100 ring muscle-ups in 13:05.
  • 🤯 100-year-old Carmelita is still doing strength training on a regular basis with her trainer Nando Enoix.
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