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PRVN Fitness: Stacked and Ready to Win

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In today’s edition:

  • The PRVN Fitness squad is stacked and ready.
  • Chase Ingraham and Bill Grundler set expectations for the 2021 season.
  • CrossFit Coach Aurora Vellante fights period poverty during National Women’s Month.
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  PRVN Fitness is Stacked and Ready to Take the CrossFit Season by Storm  

PRVN Fitness is Stacked and Ready to Take the CrossFit Season by Storm

The CrossFit season is about to start, and PRVN Fitness has stocked up on talented athletes in order to make some noise. The camp that started with four-time champion Tia-Clair Toomey now has an experienced roster featuring CrossFit Games veterans from both the male and female divisions.

Remind me: Shane Orr released his PRVN Fitness program years ago, but it became a household name during the COVID-altered 2020 season. The Instagram account began posting workouts for followers to test in April, many of which had the label of “Tia-Clair Toomey’s Daily Programming.” Following the 2020 CrossFit Games and Toomey’s fourth straight title, the camp began increasing in size. The first addition was six-time Games competitor Brooke Wells, who finished fifth in 2020 and then amicably parted ways with longtime coach Ben Bergeron and his CompTrain program.

  • Wells burst onto the scene in 2015, winning the Central East Regional at the age of 19. She headed to the Games and finished 15th overall while impressing analysts and peers alike with a standout rookie performance.
  • She has continued to raise expectations in the years since by being the only female athlete to complete the deadlift ladder in 2016, winning the Central Regional in 2018, and securing three top-10 finishes at the Games. Now that she is in Tennessee and on the PRVN roster, Wells faces even higher expectations.
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The Countdown Begins -- Only 24 Hours Until the Open.

The Countdown Begins -- Only 24 Hours Until the Open.

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  • The CrossFit Games announced the head-to-head match-ups for all three Open announcements yesterday:
    • 21.1 — Kari Pearce vs. Kristi Eramo-O’Connell
    • 21.2 — Samuel Kwant vs. Justin Medeiros
    • 21.3 — Scott Panchik vs. Saxon Panchik
  • O2 x The Ready State: O2 and The Ready State are partnering to offer a combined $50 Performance and Recovery Package to participating athletes and fans of the Open. The Performance and Recovery Package is redeemable for $25 on each brand’s website, and it’s available to any Open fan or participating athlete in the continental US. There are 100,000 packages available on  a first-come-first-served basis.
    • Dave Colina, O2 founder and CEO: “O2 has made significant investments in the fitness community over the last 12 months, and we’re just getting started…We’re especially excited to partner with Kelly and Juliet Starrett, two people who represent our values and everything we love about this community.”
  • Haley Adams, the fourth Fittest Woman on Earth in 2020, is the newest member of the Bare Performance Nutrition team, joining 2015 Fittest Man, Ben Smith.
  • Jeffrey Adler, the fifth Fittest Man on Earth in 2020, and Laura Horvath, the second Fittest Woman on Earth in 2018 signed on with FITAID. The announcement comes the day after marquee FITAID athlete Jacob Heppner announced his retirement.
  • Laura Horvath is the newest member of the FITAID team and will represent the company in 2021 and beyond.
  • Danielle Brandon is giving away a pair of ESC Sounds earbuds to one lucky person. Enter now.
  • Strength in Depth Origins, a two-day, 12-person team event will take place on November 27-28, 2021 at the University of Bath.
  • The 2021 Iron Games registration is now live. The main event will take place August 26-28, 2021 in Cedar City, UT.
  • CrossFit Level Four coaches, Maggie and Jeff Tincher, along CrossFit Level Three coach, Alex Glowers have partnered to create Elite Fitness Programming, a new online programming service for individuals and affiliates in English and Spanish. It’s one of the few programs of this caliber available in Spanish and directed at Latin America affiliates. They are offering at home, individual, affiliate and strength tracks in both languages which also include online support and virtual consults with Seminar Staff trainers.
  Bill Grundler and Chase Ingraham Set Expectations for 2021 CrossFit Games Season  


Bill Grundler and Chase Ingraham Set Expectations for 2021 CrossFit Games Season

The 2021 CrossFit season begins on March 11 with the first workout of the three-week Open. Athletes will kick off their quests to reach the NOBULL CrossFit Games but will have to perform well during multiple stages in order to do so. The outcome of the season remains a mystery, but analysts Bill Grundler and Chase Ingraham are excited to watch it unfold after a COVID-altered year.

Grundler and Ingraham lend their voices to CrossFit competitions around the world while working as broadcasters, giving them an up-close look at all of the athletes. They also host the “Get With the Programming” podcast that provides detailed examinations of every workout from the CrossFit Games and the Opens. Now they are sharing their expectations for the upcoming season. Comments edited for brevity.

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  Pull-Ups for Periods: One CrossFit Coach’s Fight To End Period Poverty  

Pull-Ups for Periods: One CrossFit Coach’s Fight To End Period Poverty

With National Women’s Month underway, it can be easy to get lost in celebrating all the unique achievements of women and how far the Women’s Rights movement has come over the years.

However, while March is an important month for celebrating women’s achievements, it’s also an important time to recognize the challenges and struggles that women still face, especially those who live in poverty or have limited access to resources.

One big thing: Women’s health, especially around the topic of periods has long been in the shadows and perceived as something private or even shameful. However, Massachusetts CrossFit Coach Aurora Vellante is looking to change that.

  • “Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products and menstrual hygiene education,” she said.
  •  “Poor menstrual hygiene can cause physical health risks and has been linked to reproductive and urinary tract infections,” she continued.
  • “It also stops young women from reaching their full potential when they miss out on opportunities crucial to their growth and pursuit of an education,” she concluded.
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Your Front Squat Technique

The front squat plays an important role in functional fitness, but how often do you see an athlete with poor torso positioning, an unstable midline and a rounded spine? This video from Brute Strength provides some great cues for improving your front squat while developing stability and strength that will transfer over to barbell thrusters, cleans and split jerk.




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The Triple Threat Lunge

Looking for a great lunge variation to add in as accessory work on a squat day? Give the Triple Threat Lunge a try -- it combines a reverse, walking, and forward lunge into one. The kicker is that the "finish" isn't much of a finish at all. Instead, both legs have to continue to work in alternating fashion with hardly any rest. The result is a monster lunge variation that creates nasty amounts of metabolic stress and simultaneously crushes both legs.



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Justin LoFranco's Thoughts on the NOBULL Deal and More

Morning Chalk Up founder, Justin LoFranco joined the Type1Lifting Podcast this week to discuss some of the big announcements that CrossFit LLC has made in the past few weeks, including the Semifinals and the NOBULL title sponsorship deal. As well as some of the next steps for the Morning Chalk Up.


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9/4: Girls Gone RX (Ocala, FL)

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