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Roza Urges Gyms to Support Legislation

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Eric Roza hosts quarterly town hall meeting, talks COVID’s impact, a new online program, and how to get members engaged in the Open.
  • CrossFit Home Office announces the inaugural DEI Council.
  • Q&A with the UK’s fittest man, Zack George.
  • Op-Ed: How CrossFit’s new online onramp can help your gym.

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  At Quarterly Town Hall, Roza Urges Gyms to Support COVID Relief Legislation, Announces 1,000 Affiliates Have Returned 

At Quarterly Town Hall, Roza Urges Gyms to Support COVID Relief Legislation, Announces 1,000 Affiliates Have Returned

On Friday morning, CrossFit LLC hosted its quarterly Affiliate Town Hall in the form of a pre-recorded 45-minute discussion with CrossFit CEO Eric Roza, General Manager of Sport Dave Castro, and General Manager of Training Nicole Caroll.

The details: Notable topics included updates about how CrossFit will provide business support to affiliates — a promise Roza made during the first Town Hall in August 2020 — COVID-19, the upcoming CrossFit Open, and how CrossFit has been working to rebuild trust in the community in recent weeks.

One big thing: CrossFit was one of the entities behind a recent bill that was introduced to US Congress that, should it pass, will offer $30 billion in relief to gyms suffering from the pandemic. According to Roza, this could mean as much as one year’s lost income for an affiliate owner, not in the form of a loan, but in the form of a grant.

  • But it can’t be done without the support of the community, Roza explained. “We need your help,” said Roza, urging gym owners, coaches, and CrossFIt members to head to and let their congressional representatives know they support this legislation.
  • “We think we have a very reasonable shot at it…it’s not a slam dunk by any means, but the number one determinant right now is going to be these members of congress hearing from as many of you as possible,” he added.
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  • The Ready State’s President’s Day Sale: You can save 30% on mobility gear, training modules and apparel at The Ready State by using code “PREZ30” at checkout. 
  • GOOD READ: The retirement of Mat Fraser has opened up the men’s division at the CrossFit Games and one man who has his sights set on a podium finish in 2021 is Finland’s Jonne Koski. Read more in the South China Morning Post.
    • Koski: “My goal for 2021 is to be on the podium at the Games and I will give it my absolute best to be the fittest on earth in the future.”
  • Open Programming Clues: In this week’s example of “what to expect” in the 2021 Open, the workout of the day was 12.3, a triplet of box jumps, push press and toes-to-bar. The equipment-free version modified the box jumps with broad jumps and reposted a video of Talanyna Fortunado winning the max broad jump event at the 2012 Games. 
  • Apparel company Where We Sweat is hosting a pop-up shop to help Canadian CrossFit affiliates. Order an Open t-shirt now and 100% of the profits will be donated to struggling Canadian gym.
  • Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Fitness gear manufacturer Bear Komplex is hosting a Valentine’s Day giveaway. Enter now to win weight belts, backpacks, grips and more. Open to US residents only, the giveaway will end February 15 at 12 PM PT.
  CrossFit Announces Inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Members 

CrossFit Announces Inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Members

On Friday morning CrossFit Home Office announced the ten members of its inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council. The council is a huge step in the implementation of CEO Eric Roza’s foundational principles for addressing DEI within the CrossFit community.

Remind me: In his first Town Hall session on August 20, Roza discussed the issues of DEI within the community and the sport, stating “If CrossFit stands for something, and we know it does…It stands for — we see people’s common humanity, and we are not gonna discriminate against people. We’re going to affirmatively reach out and make sure people feel welcome.”

  • Since that announcement, Roza has made efforts in addressing the issues of DEI and put in place initiatives to combat these grievances and disparities.
  • Roza hired a leader for inclusion and diversity, Trish Gerlitz, who reports directly to him. And, they have created an email account [email protected] to gather information and feedback on these issues from community members.
  • CrossFit has committed to fund a $7 million endowment for the CrossFit Foundation to advance public health in underserved communities. As a part of this initiative, the endowment will help fund boxes operating within those communities.
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Good News is our weekly round-up of positive stories around the affiliate community. Are you opening a new gym, expanding a current location, offering new classes, or is your box running a fundraiser? Send us a tip to be featured.

  • Midtown Movement and Medicine Opens: In Tallahassee, FL, Dr. Jeffrey Farrah and his wife Staci Farrah created Midtown Movement and Medicine during the pandemic and are seeking to change the way health and wellness are achieved by combining physician-supervised, one-on-one, and group exercise programs with a unique community of caring individuals. And, the gym is expanding with renovations scheduled to be completed in March.
  • Sweat Club Chattanooga Opens: After a year-long delay, Sweat Club Chattanooga opened its doors. The owner, Dawn Thelen and her husband moved from Chicago and trained people in their basement when they weren’t able to open an official location.
  • Ambrose Fitness Celebrates First Anniversary: In Sparks, NV, a CrossFit gym named Ambrose Fitness opened in February 2020, right before COVID regulations caused widespread mandated gym closures. The owner, Sabrina Blajos, built a strong community despite the tough circumstances and this month celebrated their first anniversary.
  • Fundraiser for Brian McSweeney: On January 31, an off-duty paramedic named Brian McSweeney was struck by a car and suffered significant damage to his right leg. His CrossFit community, Bridge Fitness and Nutrition in Pepperell, MA, as well as others have rallied around him and his fiance, Meghan Gaffney to raise funds for his medical needs. In less than two weeks, they have already raised over $32,000.
  • Maya’s Mission: One year ago, Maya Guberman passed away unexpectedly, she was thirteen years old. Maya was an avid CrossFitter who attended 5:30 AM class daily with her mother Jessica, at Three Danes CrossFit in Mine Hill, NJ. Today, the Three Danes CrossFit community will complete the “Maya’s Mission WOD” in her memory and to support Maya’s Mission, a nonprofit devoted to ending animal abuse through awareness and education.
  • CrossFit Nanaimo Celebrates 10th Anniversary: CrossFit Nanaimo, in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, celebrated it’s 10th anniversary as an affiliate last week. CFN was where Pat Vellner trained last year and competed in both the online 2020 Rogue Invitational and the online stage of the CrossFit Games.
  Q&A: Zack George Talks Spicy Chicken Dumplings, Binge-Watching “This Is Us” on Netflix, Go-To Spotify Tracks and the Last Time He Went to McDonald’s 


Q&A: Zack George Talks Spicy Chicken Dumplings, Binge-Watching “This Is Us” on Netflix, Go-To Spotify Tracks and the Last Time He Went to McDonald’s

Although he’s known as one of the fiercest and most imposing figures in the CrossFit world, believe or not Zack George definitely has a soft side.

George, 30, now gearing up for the 2021 CrossFit Open and the most wide-open men’s division in the history of the sport, took some time to talk to the Morning Chalk Up about what he’s like out of competition, away from the box, and the man behind the UK’s ‘Fittest Man’.

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  Op-Ed: How CrossFit’s New Online Onramp Can Help Your Gym 

Op-Ed: How CrossFit’s New Online Onramp Can Help Your Gym

CrossFit’s Home Office rolled out its new online Onramp Course in the quarterly Affiliate Town Hall Friday.

Critics said things like this: “CrossFit is competing with its own affiliates” and “This won’t get anyone new into my gym.”

When I first heard about the initiative a few days ago, I have to admit that I felt the same way. But after thinking about it for a while — and after having a really meaningful conversation with the gym owners in the Two-Brain family — my perspective has changed.

As Two-Brain Business Mentor Oskar Johed put it, “Pre-Roza, affiliate owners were complaining that they didn’t get anything from HQ (now Home Office). Now when Roza is trying to grow the audience, people are complaining that their actions are misguided.”

While many gyms (and all Two-Brain gyms) have a clear path to onboard new clients, many CrossFit affiliates don’t. For them, this is a big step forward. And I think the online CrossFit OnRamp Course could potentially help your box, for these reasons:

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