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Rich Froning Responds to Mat Fraser

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In today’s edition:

  • Rich Froning responds.
  • CompTrain athletes converge.
  • PUMA announces training shoe, joins other major brands.

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"Really there's no story. It is what it is and it just sucks," Froning Responds to Fraser

The CrossFit Games community kicked 2021 off with a dash of athlete drama to start the new year following an appearance by Mat Fraser on The Darren Woodson Show, where the five-time CrossFit Games champion gave his account of the nature of the relationship between he and four-time individual Games champion and four-time team champion Rich Froning.

Froning responds: After more than 48 hours of speculation, and varying responses across the community, Froning finally addressed the comments and the situation for the first time, providing his thoughts and perspective on the matter via a video originally intended for paid members of his programming track that has since found its way to the public.

  • Froning admitted to having not watched or listened to the interview, but stated that the contents of the interview were relayed to him by others, and also admitted to some misunderstandings between him and Fraser.
  • “There’s always two sides to every story, there’s some bold lies and some inaccuracies definitely in the, I don’t know, interview? Podcast?”
  • It’s unfortunate. I thought, I wouldn’t say we were best friends but I thought we were good enough friends.”
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Increased Strength and Faster Recovery From a Mouthpiece?

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  • DEVELOPING: How CrossFit might break-up regions in the 2020 season. Last night, Dave Castro posted an image of how they plan to break-up qualification regions for the semifinal stage of qualification for the CrossFit Games. For more on what we’re talking about, read this.
  • ALSO DEVELOPING: WIT Fitness, the London-based training retailer that sponsors Sara Sigmundsdottir, is currently in discussions with the head of London vaccinations about using their currently shutdown store and gym as a COVID-19 vaccination site, CEO Dan Williams confirmed. They are also in talks with National Health Service London about using the site as a temporary homeless shelter.
  • Bear Komplex equipment, including grips, sleeves, belts and more are now available and shipping from Amazon EU.
  • Colleen Fotsch, one of the newest members of USA Bobsled joins the Optimum EFX team, a nutritional supplement company.
  • New Years’ boost: In Fort Wayne, IN, Mad Apple CrossFit has had a roller coaster ride in 2020, losing members due to the pandemic, but owner Taylor Hastings reports that new members in the new year have more than made up for those losses.
  • RPM Training raised more than $100,000 halfway through the first day of the 10K challenge; that’s more than three-times what they raised last year. The 30-day-long fundraiser invites athletes to complete 10,000 double-unders to help support Steve’s Club.
    • CEO Shane Rogers: “We’ve raised over $100k on day one of the 2021 challenge. We have thousands of participants jumping and hundreds of gyms and teams on the leaderboard, thanks to the incredible support from our community. It really feels like it’s becoming something special.”
  “Excommunicated,” Fraser Opens Up About Rift with Froning 

“Excommunicated,” Fraser Opens Up About Rift with Froning

In a two-part interview with The Darren Woodson Show, five-time Fittest Man on Earth Mathew Fraser revealed for the first time details of a rift with Rich Froning that’s resulted in neither of the two talking in the last two-and-a-half years. Fraser moved to Cookeville shortly after winning his second championship in 2017.

  • Fraser: “I’ve lived in Cookeville for three years and Rich hasn’t spoken to me in about two and a half.”

One big thing: The debate of Froning versus Fraser has been a topic of conversation since the latter beat Froning at the CrossFit Ranch during Open announcement 16.5 and has perpetuated as Fraser caught, then surpassed Froning’s individual record. But previously Fraser has remained silent when asked to discuss the debate.

  • At the 2019 post-CrossFit Games press conference Dave Castro teased Froning and Fraser about competing individually in 2020 to break the tie for the most individual titles record, and when asked about it both responded respectfully about being content with what they had accomplished.
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  Creating a  


Creating a "Competitive Cauldron": Bergeron Invites Barnhart and Kwant To Train at CFNE

Over the years, we’ve seen different crews pop up to give athletes a place to train and push one another. In Cookeville TN, Rich Froning created the Mayhem Crew. More recently, in Vegas, Justin Cotler’s athletes came together over quarantine, and most recently, the PRVN crew has begun to assemble in Nashville. But 2021 marked the beginning of another training mecca at the CompTrain headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts.

One big thing: CrossFit New England, the home of CompTrain, has long been the training center for some of the greatest CrossFit athletes of all time. Since 2015, two-time fittest woman on earth has made it her home and CompTrain founder and owner Ben Bergeron has made a conscious effort over the years to bring his athletes together through intermittent training camps over the course of the season. However, there has never been a permanent team of athletes training full time out of the facility. This year, that will change, as CompTrain brings out two-time CrossFit Games athlete Amanda Barnhart and second fittest man on earth Samuel Kwant as well as another, as yet unnamed competitor.

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  PUMA Enters CrossFit Market with New Training Shoe 

PUMA Enters CrossFit Market with New Training Shoe

This week, PUMA will join the world of strength and high-intensity fitness with their first-ever training shoe, FUSE. In line with the footwear launch, the brand has announced partnerships with three organizations – The OUT FoundationAfroBrutality, and Barbells for Boobs – to support their work creating inclusive, positive communities.

The big picture: This release makes PUMA the fifth major brand to target the strength training community, following the lead of NikeReebokUnderArmour, and inov-8. It proves that CrossFit is a market worth fighting for. These companies are in, as a Bloomberg article aptly calls it, “a war for your feet.”

  • Reebok, the first company to tap into the CrossFit world, is now getting ready to release the Nano X1, the eleventh shoe targeted directly at CrossFitters.
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How to Breathe During Pause Squats

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Is White Rice the Same as Table Sugar?

Well, the short answer is no, But, the longer answer is also no, but with some caveats. A recent Harvard University study suggested that eating white rice is similar to eating table sugar. Learn more about the nutritional content of white vs. brown rice and how white rice can soothe your gut.



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