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Sara Sigmundsdottir and WIT Fitness part ways

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Fan favorite, Sara Sigmundsdottir and retailer WIT Fitness part ways after two and a half years.
  • Elite CrossFit moms advise MCU writer Emily Beers on pregnancy and fitness
  • CAPABLE looks to highlight the connections between CrossFit and cancer recovery
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  BREAKING: Sara Sigmundsdottir and WIT Fitness Part Ways  

BREAKING: Sara Sigmundsdottir and WIT Fitness Part Ways

Sara Sigmundsdottir and WIT Fitness have parted ways after more than a two year partnership.

Since she joined the team in Nov 2020, the brand has released eight collections in her name, including a line empowering women to feel confident and powerful in their skin and even a fashion show. 

Though she is walking away from being the face of WIT, Sigmundsdottir will continue to hold stock in the brand.

The details: Sigmundsdottir represented the brand through her comeback at Wodapalooza in 2022 after an ACL tear and a multitude of other competitions and platforms.

  • Sigmundsdottir was featured on the cover of Womens Fitness magazine in August of 2021.
  • The brand is re-releasing their top hits of Sigmundsdottir’s collections, which will launch at the end of April. (You can register here for early access.)
  • This news comes as founder and Chief Brand Officer Daniel Williams announces his stepping away from the brand and hinted at some possible new developments in the space.

One big thing: Beyond Sigmundsdottir’s continued involvement with WIT on the investment side, she and the brand had an amicable separation and positive reviews of the other.

  • “From day one Sara brought her incredible energy to Team WIT and we knew it was the start of something special,” WIT CEO Matt Brewster said. “She is truly an inspiration to the fitness community and her time at WIT has been monumental.”
  • Sigmundsdottir: “WIT truly allowed me to bring my design passions to life through creating several collections where I could unleash my creativity in a way I never imagined I’d be able to, and I am so grateful for that opportunity and for all the things I learned in the process.”

Sigmundsdottir: “Although we are parting ways now and I am en route to start a new chapter in my career, I can wholeheartedly say that WIT will always have a place in my heart. Once team WIT, always team WIT.”

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CrossFit has released the 2023 Age Group Semifinal workouts…..Test 2 😬 😬 😬

Why should your kids do resistance training?: Check out this post from WOD Science about the overwhelming evidence that resistance training is beneficial for children.

💩 🚽 💩 Maybe not for the faint of heart, but here’s a great post on “poop health” from The Real Pelvic Floor Revealed.

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  Elite CrossFit Moms Talk with MCU Writer Emily Beers About What Pregnancy is Really Like  


Elite CrossFit Moms Talk with MCU Writer Emily Beers About What Pregnancy is Really Like

Never have I found social media more difficult to relate to than when I became pregnant in December.

Tia-Clair Toomey isn’t helping.

No, not because of what she has been doing physically throughout her pregnancy. Good for her for having so much fitness that her pregnancy efforts are still beyond the scope of most normal people’s everyday efforts.

What I’m having a hard time relating to is that she genuinely seems to be enjoying, embracing all of the changes she’s going through, including her big belly.

Maybe I’m just jealous that her baby is probably already twice as fit as mine, but I’m struggling to share her enthusiasm with all that’s happening to my 21-week pregnant body.

Tia recently put the question out there on social media: “To all the mums and dads out there, what was your favorite thing about your pregnancy?”

I read it and couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

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  CAPABLE Explores the Benefits of CrossFit and Cancer Recovery  

CAPABLE Explores the Benefits of CrossFit and Cancer Recovery

On April 13, 22 cancer survivors gathered at Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit, ready for their first-ever CrossFit class. For the next 12 weeks, this group will train together, learning the sport while improving their strength, cardiovascular fitness, and more.

These survivors are the newest cohort of Cross-Training and Physical Activity: A Better Life Experience (CAPABLE), a clinical trial that explores the benefits between CrossFit and cancer recovery.

The big picture: CAPABLE was founded by longtime CrossFitter, Professor of Oncology, and Population Science Program Leader at the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Dr. Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer and David Finlay, owner of CrossFit in the D.

Beebe-Dimmer and Finlay started this program in 2018 after noticing the lack of physical activity resources for cancer survivors post-treatment.

  • The CDC recommends that cancer survivors participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, with emphasis on strength training, every week.
  • Only about a quarter of cancer survivors adhere to these guidelines, and many physicians don’t have the resources to help.

CAPABLE was created to be that resource.

The program, sponsored by the Karmanos Cancer Institute, is a high-intensity introduction to CrossFit that is free to cancer survivors (who need a medical release to participate). Beebe-Dimmer and her team complete a series of tests throughout the 12 weeks, measuring performance, quality of life, and more:

  • “We do a lot of baseline performance testing, measures of body composition, and [CAPABLE members] can voluntarily participate in a blood draw,” Beebe-Dimmer said.
  • “We also look at things like quality of life, sleep health, and cognitive function. There have been five iterations of this program… and we’ve seen some amazing results from the research.”

The results: “The most profound thing, to me, is that we’re seeing these very significant improvements over such a short time,” Beebe-Dimmer said. In just 12 weeks, many CAPABLE participants show physical improvements, like increases in lean body mass, along with clinically meaningful developments to their quality of life.

  • “It’s not so surprising that you see a performance improvement,” Beebe-Dimmer said. “We run a baseline test at the beginning, sort of a ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ test, like biking and rowing intervals, and there are improvements there.”
  • “We looked at markers of metabolic health for anyone willing to participate in a blood draw, and we’ve seen dramatic improvements… a lot of the patients, not only are they dealing with a cancer diagnosis, but are dealing with comorbidities. To see improvements over such a short time was. I was surprised.”
  • “But the improvements in quality of life, not just statistically, but clinically, are meaningful,” she continues.
  • “We use the emotional assessment for cancer therapy, which looks at different domains for quality of life — emotional, functional, social, and psychological— and there are uniform improvements across the board.”
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