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Sara Sigmundsdottir is Cleared for Takeoff

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir gets the OK from her doctors to train at 100%.
  • Austin, Denver, and Madison in contention as future Games sites.
  • Do you have a client retention problem? And how do you calculate it?
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“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.” - Confucius

  Austin, Madison, Denver in Contention to Host CrossFit Games in 2023 

Austin, Madison, Denver in Contention to Host CrossFit Games in 2023

It’s a hot topic that CrossFit is keeping pretty tight-lipped about — which city will be the next host of CrossFit Games? Before we get ahead of ourselves, Madison, WI still has one year remaining on their contract, and they too could be in the running to crown the fittest man and woman on earth. So which cities are in the running for an opportunity to become the new pinnacle of fitness and rake in millions from the economic impact come 2023?

Quick reminder: CrossFit began accepting letters of intent in the spring of 2021 with full proposals due September 1, 2021.

Potential cities: It is a small but mighty list. Here are the cities we could confirm submitted bids to be the new CrossFit Games host:

  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Austin, Texas
  • Denver, Colorado

The list could be much more extensive, but CrossFit declined to provide us with information as to which cities submitted bids and were being reviewed.

What they’re saying: Going into their fifth season hosting the CrossFit Games, Madison is looking to remain home base for the Games even after this upcoming season.

  • “The CrossFit Games have been an incredible event for the city of Madison. The Games are reflective of our city’s passion for fitness, and we have seen our community embrace the sport, athletes and spectators each year,” Jamie Patrick, Vice President of the Madison Area Sports Commission said.
  • Based on a study from Ohio University, the economic impact in 2018 was an estimated $28.5 million for the city of Madison.
  • “Madison Area Sports Commission has responded to CrossFit’s RFP with our proposal, and we are appreciative of the opportunity to host the CrossFit Games beyond 2022,” said the Madison Area Sports Commission.

As for Austin, Texas, while they did submit their letter of intent to bid by the July 1 deadline, they did not submit a proposal by the September 1 deadline.

  • “We are continuing to work to submit a bid in the event we can get additional items from our side of things to be approved,” said Drew Hays, the director for the Austin Sports Commission.
  • At this time, it’s unclear whether CrossFit is moving forward with the city since they did not meet the deadline.

Denver, Colorado submitted their bid and proposal on time, but says they will not discuss the topic while it’s in the selection phase.

The last time the CrossFit Games were planning a move was back in 2016. Based on our records, Jacksonville, Florida opted to submit a bid to potentially host the 2017-2019 CrossFit Games but have not responded to whether they decided to this time around.

Decision day: Based on the timeline, CrossFit is currently working to review all proposals from eligible cities. Contract negotiations for host cities begin on November 15, so hopefully we will know which city will crown the 2023 fittest man and woman on Earth around the new year.

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Wodapalooza individual online qualifier scores are due today at 11:59 PM ET.

Sara Sigmundsdottir is officially cleared to train at 100% according to her manager Snorri Baron, exactly six months after her ACL surgery.

Zelos Games inaugural event results are in:

Workout 0.1


Deadifts 225/155


Wall Walks

  1. Arielle Loewen – 3:36 | Cedric Lapointe – 4:02
  2. Kari Pearce – 4:01 | Dallin Pepper – 4:26
  3. Danielle Brandon – 4:06 | Zac Thomas – 4:34
  4. Emma Cary – 4:08 | Ben Garard – 4:36
  5. Bethany Shadburne – 4:13 | Ioannis Papadopoulos – 4:40

Margaux Alvarez is confirmed to compete in the Rogue Invitational legends division.

Eik Gylfadottir is confirmed to compete at Mayhem Desert Heat.

  • Notable men just added to the roster: Chandler Smith, Colten Mertens, Uldis Upenieks, Cam Crockett, Sam Cournoyer, Elliott Simmonds, Simon Mantyla, Mitchel Stevenson, and Alex Kotoulas.
  • Notable women just added to the roster: Manon Angonese, Taylor Streid, Harra Karlsson, Thuri Helgadottir, Andrea Nisler, Haley Adams, and Kristin Holte.
  Do You Have a Client Retention Problem? And How to Calculate it 


Do You Have a Client Retention Problem? And How to Calculate it

When it comes to client retention, gym business coaches agree, well above 90 percent is the gold standard.

Active Life Rx: “We want gyms at a minimum standard (of) 94 percent retention, 97 percent is the goal,” said Active Life Rx founder Sean Pastuch.

OPEX Fitness: “In our model, we like to see 93 percent as an indicator of good retention, and 95 percent as the beacon on a month-to-month basis,” said OPEX Fitness CEO Carl Hardwick.

Factory Forged: “Ninety four percent and a great one is 97 percent is great,” said Chris Thorndike, the chief executive officer of Factory Forged.

Madlab Group: “Above 90 percent is really good, and 88 percent is pretty good, said business mentor Audrey Patterson. In practice, 88 percent means you have one percent churn per month,” she explained, or 12 percent over the course of the year.

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  • Ainu’u Pome’e from CrossFit the Club in Layton, UT hits a 415 pound/188kg front squat.
  • 🎂 Happy 10th anniversary CrossFit Okefenokee in Waycross, GA.
  • Congratulations Rebecca Fuselier, two-time Games teen athlete, on the 165 pound/75kg hang snatch complex PR.
  • Congratulations Mallory Tse from Orlando, FL on the 302 pound/137kg three-rep max back squat PR.
  • Congratulations MaryKay Dreisilker from Omnia Fitness Collective in Denver, CO on the 265 pound/120kg front squat PR.
  • Congratulations Matt Brady from Optimum Performance Training in Calgary, Canada on the 440 pound/200kg post turkey day back squat PR. Gobble gobble.

CompTrain stopped into the CrossFit Affiliate at West Point Military Academy — CrossFit Black and Gold — for a day of training and coaching. The stop was another on their multi-city road tour along the East Coast. CompTrain currently has three West Point graduates on their team: Pete Roney (CEO), Jenna Sanders (commercial operations), and Chandler Smith.

1/27 - 1/29: The Fittest Experience (Taylor, TX)
1/28: Masters Of The Midway: Individual (Cary, IL)
1/28 - 1/29: Qualifiche Campionato Italiano Sthenathlon Blor (Milano, Italy)
1/28: Masters Of The Midway (Cary, IL)
1/28: Bloodline Brawl (Fort Myers, FL)
1/28: Sunshine CrossFit ALS Fundraiser (Bedford Hills, NY)
1/28: Bloodline Brawl VII (Teams of 3!) (Fort Myers, FL)
2/4 - 2/5: Modena Challenge: Intermediate and Rx (Modena, Italy)
2/4: Valentine’s Day Massacre (Tucson, AZ)
2/4: The 2023 Winter Classic (Danbury, CT)
2/4: GOAT Youth/Teen Fitness Competition: Individual, Age Groups 10-17 (Olyphant, PA)
2/10 - 2/12: Fittest if the Coast Championship (Charleston, SC)
2/11: Cupid’s Clash (co-ed pairs) (Staten Island, NY)
2/11: The Big Chill (Chillicothe, OH)
2/11: Cupid’s Clash at THRIVE CrossFit 103 (Staten Island, NY)
2/11: Valentine’s Day Crush (North Hollywood, CA)
2/11: The Big Chill (Chillicothe, OH)
2/12: The 2023 RCF Winter War (Londonderry, NH)
2/18: Moultrie South Georgia Classic (Norman Park, GA)
3/1 - 3/31: Barbells For Bullies: Sit Ups For Pups (Online Event, United States)
3/18 - 3/19: Okanagan Valley Throwdown (Penticton, Canada)
3/25 - 3/26: Costa Dorada Fitness Challenge (Tamarit, Tarragona, Spain)
3/25: No Weak Links (Marcy, NY)

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