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School Teacher Smashes Burpee Record

Morning Chalk Up

June 30   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • School teacher breaks most burpees in 12 hours record
  • 22 questions with CrossFit Games rookie Victoria Campos
  • Fighting the Stories in Our Heads series continues with Preslie Hirsch
  • Which Dottir will make the Games from the LCQ?
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“Doubt is the father of invention.” - Ambrose Bierce

  “Burpees for Better Days”: Sara Prodanos Breaks World Record for Most Burpees in 12 Hours  

“Burpees for Better Days”: Sara Prodanos Breaks World Record for Most Burpees in 12 Hours

“The burpee is all about getting up after you’ve fallen, time and time again,” said High School PE teacher Sara Prodanos.

The Canadian holds burpees and the poetic meaning behind them close to her heart after discovering the movement during COVID lockdown in 2020. Since then, she’s spread her love for the movement to her personal training and fitness clients, who have touted her the “unofficial Burpee Queen.”

How does one become the official Burpee Queen, though? Prodanos was determined, and decided on a Guinness World Record attempt as her path to burpee royalty. Just a twelve hour time frame and a goal of 5,000 burpees. Easy, right?

Jumping through the Hoops

Well, of course the burpees themselves are a huge feat, but Prodanos says the logistics of setting up the attempt were almost more trying.

  • “You have to apply to attempt. You have to write a cover letter and resume, and it takes three months for (Guinness World Records) to get back to you, and that’s just them saying ‘hey, you can attempt this,’” Prodanos said.  The organization also requires witnesses that Prodanos had to find herself, and they had to be acquaintances, but not friends. In addition, 12 hours of continuous filming is a hard request, which required Prodanos to rent equipment and reach out to friends in the film industry for advice.

After successfully jumping through all these hoops, Prodanos was ready for her December 11 attempt. She had trained long and hard, with a regimen of long runs and “burpee days” of various time frames, even weighted burpees. Prodanos wrote out her pre-attempt game plan (which included classical music during her warmups to calm her nerves), kept her splits in mind, and started her 12-hour journey at 9am.

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How Much Better Can Your Sleep Get in 30 Days?

How Much Better Can Your Sleep Get in 30 Days?

Everyone knows that sleep is important, and maybe you’re even getting 8+ hours of sleep each night.

But is it good sleep?

Is it sleep that will actually help improve your recovery?

Our very own Lauren Kalil tried out the Eight Sleep Pod Pro for 30 days to see how improved sleep affects performance (watch her review).

Eight Sleep offers the most advanced sleep solution around, their Pod Pro and Pod Pro Cover allows you to:

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  • Have each side of the bed at a totally different temperature using their dual-zone cooling and heating.
  • Schedule personalized temperatures for each phase of the night or let the Pod Pro automatically adjust to optimize your sleep.
  • Be woken up by a gentle vibration, rather than the buzzing alarm clock.

It also tracks your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and HRV. So you can wake each morning and check your app to see the difference a good night’s sleep makes.

Ready to upgrade your sleep? Grab $350 off the Pod Pro in our exclusive Fourth of July discount.


In case you missed it: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line spoke to Brian Friend, Tommy Marquez and Patrick Clark about which women they think will make the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games from the Last Chance Qualifier.

CAP announcement: CrossFit is now offering continuing education units through selected weekly educational tips.These sessions are eligible for CEU credits to maintain the CCFT/CF-L3 credential.

NOBULL Pride: The apparel company has teamed up with The OUT Foundation for a Pride Art Work Auction. 🏳️‍🌈

Body positivity: Great story in Insider about how writer Rachel Hosie went to Strength in Depth and how it made her realize women having muscles is amazing.

  22 Questions with Victoria Campos: Wakesurfing, S’mores Cereal, Charlie Brown Jr. and Game of Thrones  


22 Questions with Victoria Campos: Wakesurfing, S’mores Cereal, Charlie Brown Jr. and Game of Thrones

The Brazilian, by way of Hong Kong, has landed in CrossFit’s Mecca, Cookeville, TN and is now ready to make her rookie debut at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games. Victoria Campos, 29, made a big splash at the Copa Sur Semifinal, winning the competition and booking her rookie appearance to the big dance.

Campos made the decision to leave Hong Kong in November of 2021 due to its restrictive lockdowns to combat Covid and it’s clearly paid off for her. Now ready to leave her mark on the grandest stage, she sat down with Morning Chalk Up to let us get to know her, before we get to see her in Madison this August in person.

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  22 Questions with Victoria Campos: Wakesurfing, S’mores Cereal, Charlie Brown Jr. and Game of Thrones  

Preslie Hirsch

I am in third grade and I’m jeans shopping with my mom.

I am short. I have stocky legs and I can’t find any pants or shorts that fit me at any of the popular stores.

That just isn’t as flattering for you, my mom says as I’m trying on different types of clothes.

I realize at that moment that I’m shaped differently than other girls my age. I am acutely aware that my legs are just too big. 

It’s a story that plays on repeat in my head for years.

Until I get into the sixth grade and decide I am going to do something about it.

I start by eating as little as possible and swimming in our backyard pool. Until I can’t swim anymore. And then I do sit-ups. Until I can’t do sit-ups anymore.

Wow, you’re getting abs, people tell me.

Yes, this is working. This is the ideal.

The Fitness and Figure Days

The only thing that matters to me is what I look like. I live off fish and vegetables. Even fruit is to be avoided in my constantly dehydrated state.

I get excited when I see a new vein on my arm. I don’t care if I can do a strict pull-up or what I can squat. It matters more to me what I look like and what other people think of what I look like.

But I still hate my body.

One day, my boyfriend shows me some videos of CrossFit women.

They look so strong, but I don’t want to look like that. Their stomachs look almost distended, and I look hungry. I’d rather look hungry, I think.

But somewhere along the way, I decide to try CrossFit anyway and I quickly find myself getting stronger, building muscle.

And then you realized strong is beautiful, that performance matters more than aesthetics, and you immediately accepted, loved and embraced your stronger, more functional body? After all, that’s the story a lot of CrossFit women tell.

I wish it were that simple.

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  22 Questions with Victoria Campos: Wakesurfing, S’mores Cereal, Charlie Brown Jr. and Game of Thrones  

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