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The 2020 Games Bring Affiliate Communities Back Together

Morning Chalk Up

October 29   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. “Atalanta.” It was the final event in the 2020 CrossFit Games and it was billed as the toughest event in CrossFit history, but Kari Pearce conquered in and in the process recorded an all-time great performance; Patrick Clark has more. And, Liverpool gyms fight back against forced closures (spoilers: they were successful).

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“The most amazing thing about this year’s Games -- and this era of CrossFit -- is watching the greatest male and greatest female athletes in our sport at their peak and competing with one another across every event.” - Eric Roza

  The 2020 Games Bring Affiliate Communities Back Together  

The 2020 Games Bring Affiliate Communities Back Together

Earlier this year, COVID mandates in states across the US closed down gyms and consequently put a moratorium on the community events that make being a part of the CrossFit community such a unique experience. And then, as if the separation from our gym communities wasn’t enough, the number one community event of the year, The CrossFit Games, was moved online and spectators prohibited from attending in person.

One big thing: Despite the mandates that separated the community, and as COVID restrictions eased up just in time for the Games to take place, the CrossFit community came back together in a way like never before. Over the course of the finals, this past weekend, over 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the Fittest on Earth compete. Many gathered at affiliates across the country to celebrate fitness and gym members long separated by COVID joined back together.

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  Breaking Down Kari Pearce’s Gutsy Atalanta Performance  


Breaking Down Kari Pearce’s Gutsy Atalanta Performance

When Kari Pearce crossed the finish line at the conclusion of Atalanta to end her 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games journey this past Sunday, those onsite at the Ranch in Aromas, CA who witnessed it live and the millions watching the stream at home not only saw Pearce accomplish her goal of standing on the podium but also one of the all-time greatest individual event performances in Games history.

Below, we break down Pearce’s dominance and put in perspective what CrossFit Director of Sport Dave Castro called “the most difficult final of any Games, if not the most difficult event, to date.”

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  #SaveOurGyms: Liverpool Gyms Fight Forced Closure  

#SaveOurGyms: Liverpool Gyms Fight Forced Closure

On October 14, Nick Whitcombe, owner of Body Tech Fitness in Wirral, England, posted a video to his Instagram page showing five police officers inside his gym. This was the second time police had entered his gym floor that day, first with a warning, then a fine.

One big thing: Whitcombe was at the helm of a Liverpool gym rebellion; one that would soon prove victorious.

Two days before the police showed up at Body Tech’s door, Prime Minister Boris Johnson rolled out a three-tier coronavirus plan in response to the rising number of cases. The new regulations placed different areas of England into one of the three, the third being the most strict tier. Under the original tier three regulations, gyms were not permitted to operate.

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  Masters Champion Survives Tuberculosis and Ruptured Aorta, Credits CrossFit  

Masters Champion Survives Tuberculosis and Ruptured Aorta, Credits CrossFit

It all started in 2017 when Eva Thornton started experiencing an “annoying niggle” in her left shoulder blade. “Nothing hectic. It was uncomfortable lying down but didn’t really worry me in everyday life or training,” said Thornton, a resident of South Africa and three-time CrossFit Games athlete.

  • A year later, the pain had worsened, but this didn’t stop her from winning the 2018 Games in the Women’s 50-54-year-old division. Still, it was time to get an MRI to see if “there was something serious going on,” she said.
  • It took doctors a couple months and two biopsies to determine her pain was stemming from a tuberculosis infection. “We actually have a lot of TB in South Africa. The surgeon told me a big percentage of the population has been exposed to TB, but usually it can just sit dormant in your body. Normally we think about it being in the lungs, but it can happen anywhere in the body,” she said.
  • After her diagnosis in February, 2019, Thornton was immediately put on TB medication “and that should have been the end of it.”
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  Masters Champion Survives Tuberculosis and Ruptured Aorta, Credits CrossFit  

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  • Delaney Sears does a strict weighted pull-up at 55 pounds for a PR.
  • Happy Birthday Neal Maddox.
  • Victor Rasmussen does a clean and jerk complex at 264 pounds.
  • Ioannys Kizeridis clean and jerks 205 pounds for a PR.
  • Antonio Morais snatches 165 pounds.
  • Bill McNamee push presses 245 pounds for a PR.
  • Marcella Mauro cleans 175 pounds for a 10 pound PR.
  • Ashley Morjon cleans 140 pounds for a 20 pound PR (second video.

Community Round-Up

Here’s a quick look at some of the good work taking place around the global affiliate community right now:

  • Fitness Factor, Northern Ireland: CrossFit Limavady, a County of Derry gym, has linked up with Cancer Focus Northern Ireland to host the latest installment of the charity’s “Fitness Factor” Program, a six-week health and nutrition challenge. Registration is free, but participants are asked to raise at least £200 for the charity. The “Fitness Factor” challenge starts on November 3, learn more and sign up.
  • Barbells for Boobs: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to do their part, four coaches from CrossFit Kemptville in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, completed a 24-hour workout to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research last weekend. Barbells for Boobs provided the challenge and the coaches’ goal was to raise $2,400, which they more than doubled!
  • Together We Rise: Congratulations to Together We Rise CrossFit in Indianapolis, IN. After COVID restrictions were lifted, they’ve experienced a lot of growth and are opening a second location on October 31.
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