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Will Murph 2021 Be the Biggest Yet?

Morning Chalk Up

April 21   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Does CrossFit need a 70+ division?
  • How has onboarding new athletes changed in the past 10 years?
  • Most gyms missed Murph last spring due to COVID, they’re making up for it this year.

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  Does the CrossFit Games Need a 70+ Division?  

Does the CrossFit Games Need a 70+ Division?

The 2021 CrossFit Games season has brought some major changes for masters athletes in the sport of fitness. After a downward trend in the 2019 and 2020 seasons, athletes 35 and older have reasons to be optimistic about increased competition opportunities and increased media coverage from CrossFit LLC.

One big thing: Perhaps the most noticeable change for masters athletes has been the addition of the 65+ division. As the sport continues to draw in more and more masters athletes, to the point where this year, masters Open registration eclipsed individual registration, it was clear this year that another masters division was necessary.

  • The addition of the 65+ division drew in a record number of athletes over the age of 60, exceeding 2020 registration for athletes 60+ by 27%.
Total Registration For Athletes 60+
2018 4974
2019 5262
2020 4258
2021 5405
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How to be the GOAT of Breathing

How to be the GOAT of Breathing

Yes, we know you have been doing it all your life. But just how we all find out we might need to tweak our natural running style, we also need to do the same to our breathing.

By shifting your lower jaw and tongue into an optimal position to enhance airflow AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece is proven to:

  • Increase your endurance by 20% by reducing respiratory rate.
  • Reduce cortisol build up to increase recovery by 50%.
  • Widen your airway by an average of 9%.

Try the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece in your next WOD to breathe better, go longer, and recover faster.


  • Team Quarterfinals floor plans and a finalized equipment list have been released. The diagrams and equipment suggest that the team workouts will be very similar to the individual quarterfinal workouts.
    • The Team Quarterfinals will begin Thursday, April 22 at 12 PM PT when all remaining details will be announced.
    • Notable: The Team Quarterfinals equipment list contains a note at the bottom stating: “Teams are welcome to use more equipment and space than outlined in the floor plan if needed to meet local COVID guidelines.”
  • Mat Fraser’s book, “Hard Work Pays Off,” co-written by Morning Chalk Up contributor Spenser Mestel is available for pre-order now.
  • The Scaled Nation CrossFit Spring Classic week two leaders are Nancy Hollingsworth, Alexia Cawley, and Payton Wiscovitch. See the current leaderboard for more details.
  • New Podcast: The first episode of a new podcast hosted by Pat Sherwood and Adrian Bozman, called “Varied Not Random” just dropped yesterday.
  • The Pit Fitness Ranch Elite Teen Showdown online qualifier registration for 18 and 19-year-olds is live now.
  • Giants Live: The World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour is offering $50,000 to anyone who can deadlift 505kg (1,111 pounds) this August.
  • MUST READ: NOBULL has completed another round of funding with a valuation of $500 million. The new funding will be used to help develop the new CrossFit Games title sponsor develop its global supply chain.
    • Marcus Wilson, NOBULL co-founder: “We’ve got high global awareness..So the other thing that we’re doing is building out our ability to distribute products around the world…We want to make sure we bring down the barriers to entry in those markets for our customers who are already demanding products.”
  From Tabata Squats to Learning an Athlete’s “Why”: Onboarding New Clients 2010 to 2021  


From Tabata Squats to Learning an Athlete’s “Why”: Onboarding New Clients 2010 to 2021

Back in the day, one of the common early ways of onboarding a new client was to show them just how potent CrossFit could be by throwing them into an intense workout. If they puked after the session and couldn’t walk the next day, even better. It would serve to show them just how unfit they were, and ultimately how much they needed CrossFit.

  • This is exactly the model I followed as a coach at CrossFit Vancouver in B.C. when I started coaching in 2010. And it worked. My conversation rate was upwards of 80 percent.
  • However, this was during a time when the people showing up at our doors were blank slates, free of any preconceived ideas about what CrossFit actually was. But as CrossFit became more popular, it (unfortunately) started gaining a negative reputation of being dangerous and for really fit people only, so this method of crushing the prospect with a series of max efforts and finishing them off with Tabata squats became less effective for converting a prospect, as people were showing up intimidated and apprehensive.
  • Alas, today I don’t put a prospect through a workout at all on their first day. I sit down with them and ask them questions about what they’re looking for and why they’re really here, in an effort to determine if we have a solution to their problem. If the person is on board, then they do anywhere from 10-20 personal training sessions before being released to the group class.
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  After Missing a Year Due to COVID, CrossFit Gyms Looking to Make “Murph” Bigger Than Ever  

After Missing a Year Due to COVID, CrossFit Gyms Looking to Make “Murph” Bigger Than Ever

Each year, Memorial Day brings the CrossFit community together with one of the most well-known Hero Workouts, Murph. But 2020 put a hold on that tradition as the pandemic put most countries in lockdown, and gyms couldn’t hold a community “Murph” the way most typically do.

Remind me: The Hero Workout “Murph” consists of a one mile run into 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, all partitioned however you’d like, and finished with another one mile run. For those looking to RX the workout, throw on a 20/14 pound weight vest.

Fast-forward a year later, CrossFit RSP in Southern Illinois is looking to bring “Murph” back with the help of the U.S. Army Warrior Fitness Team.

  • “I think bringing the Army Fitness Team will bring awareness to local high schoolers that need some guidance in the next step to take,” owner of CrossFit RSP, Katelyn Weihl said. “I feel like a lot of kids are lost due to the pandemic.”
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10/16: Mid Atlantic Masters Classic (Abingdon, MD)
10/16: Frontline Healthcare Worker Appreciation Day (Asheville, NC)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx SoCal (Van Nuys, CA)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx Havasu (Lake Havasu City, AZ)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City, UT)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx Iowa (Des Moines, IA)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx Southern Illinois (Robinson, IL)
10/16: FLxR Street Fight Partner Comp (Carlsbad, CA)
10/16: Nightmare on Wod Street (Spring Lake, MI)
10/16: REIGN – A Fall Fitness Festival (Marietta, GA)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx Connecticut (Brooklyn, CT)
10/16: Girls Gone Rx New York (Manhasset, NY)
10/16: Shoofly Lift-Off (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
10/16: Quest for the Fittest (Lumberton, NC)
10/16: Mid Atlantic Masters Classic (Abingdon, MD)
10/16 - 10/17: Tundra Games (Grand Forks, ND)
10/17: Girls Gone Rx Hawaii (Kapolei, HI)
10/23: Trust Athletics Jack-O-Lantern Jubilee (Theodore, AL)
10/23: Festivus Games (Gainesville, FL)
10/23: Black & Brewed Team Competition (Huntsville, AL)
10/23: The Main Thing (Cullman, AL)
10/23: CrossFit Carolina Beach Fitness Classic (Carolina Beach, NC)
10/23: PAINKLLR PAINCAVE Miami (Miami, FL)
10/23: Festivus Games (West Fargo, ND)
10/23: Festivus – CrossFit Loop (Castle Rock, CO)
10/23: Dreamland Games (Portsmouth, OH)
10/23: Festivus Games (Marshalltown, IA)
10/23: SE TEX Masters Fall Classic (Cypress, TX)
10/30: Boo Bash (Cleveland, TN)
10/30: Fright Fest – 6 Person Big Team Comp (Nashua, NH)
10/30: Scream N Clean (Danbury, CT)

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