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The CrossFit Games Men’s Division Just Got Harder

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Why Editor-in-Chief Justin LoFranco is giving up TV for two months.
  • Scott Panchik returns to individual competition, the men’s division roster just got tougher.
  • Why CrossFit should provide affiliate owners with more guidance.
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  Why I'm Giving Up TV for Two Months 

Why I'm Giving Up TV for Two Months

It’s that time of the year again where New Year’s resolutions flourish (and die) as quickly as they’re made.

Personally, I prefer to reset when I feel it’s necessary rather than around the New Year, but this time around the occasions coincide.

So it was Wednesday evening on January 14, I decided that on Thursday I’d commence a two-month fast of all TV. Yes, you can start a journey mid-week folks; you don’t have to wait until Monday of next month.

Last night, as I was finishing up some work, it dawned on me how much time I was spending watching tv — Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, you name it — aimlessly filling time and space before going to bed. Yeah, it’s the pandemic folks and I know everything is closed, but there are more ways I can spend my time than in front of the ‘tube.

It’s not the first time I’ve given up TV, or another item for a concentrated period of time. I’ve fasted alcohol and certain foods, or I’ve done the opposite and committed myself to a certain task each day. I think efforts like this are a healthy way to reset our bodies and our minds.

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The One Mobility Tool You Won't Ignore.

The One Mobility Tool You Won't Ignore.

We all know it — we could use a bigger, better emphasis on mobility. Especially with the Open right around the corner. But the faster and busier our lives get, the easier all of that becomes to ignore. Especially if you don’t have the tools at hand to make your warm-ups count.

Enter: the RomRod – the world’s first and only portable rod mobility fitness tool. Think of it like a PVC pipe that you can collapse down to fit into your gym bag, only more bada** because it resembles a barbell.

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  • Tasia Percevecz announced that she will take the 2021 season off to heal some adrenal/hormonal issues. She will stay at CrossFit Mayhem and train with the team.
    • Percevecz: “At the end of the 2020 season, I faced some adrenal/hormonal issues that forced me to significantly slow down my training for the first time in my career.”
  • Sophie Shaft is joining Kari Pearce’s Power Abs Team. Shaft placed second in the US in the 14-15-year-old division in the 2020 CrossFit Open.
  • Scott Panchik is the newest member of the O2 Athlete Team. He joins other top Games athletes like Amanda Barnhart, Kari Pearce and Elijah Muhammad.
  • Now Hiring: O2 is hiring a new marketing director. Learn more.
  • 21 Million Steps for Mental Health: Now through the end of the month, join in the inov-8 x COROS Step Up and Play Your Part Challenge — the goal is, as a global team, to amass 21 million steps through exercise. Simply use your watch, mobile phone or pedometer and log your steps. And, you can win prizes!
  CrossFit Games Men’s Division Gets Tougher, Scott Panchik Returns to Individual Competition 

CrossFit Games Men’s Division Gets Tougher, Scott Panchik Returns to Individual Competition

The 2021 CrossFit Games men’s field just added a major player to the roster.

Thursday afternoon, eight-time individual Games athlete Scott Panchik announced via Instagram that he was returning to individual competition after a 2020 season spent in the team division.

Remind me: Panchik is one of the most accomplished individuals in the sport, and after a career best finish of 4th at the 2019 Games, he transitioned over to the team competition, announcing that he was joining the Mayhem Freedom team during the 20.1 live announcement in Austin, TX.

  • Mayhem Freedom won Strength in Depth in dominant fashion to earn their spot at the CrossFit Games before going on to win Wodapalooza as well before the season came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Good News is our weekly round-up of positive stories around the affiliate community. Are you opening a new gym, expanding a current location, offering new classes, or is your box running a fundraiser? Send us a tip to be featured.

  • Omaha CrossFit Gyms Donate Coats for Kids: In early January, four local Omaha, NE CrossFit gyms collected and donated 140 coats to the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands in honor of Kerrie Ozosco, an Omaha police officer who was killed in the line of duty in 2015. The Hero WOD “Kerrie” was named for her. The gyms involved in the coat drive included Iron Hero CrossFitCrossFit HydroCrossFit Viral and CrossFit Elkhorn.
  • Focus on Kids Fitness: At Carter Park CrossFit in Chelsea, MA, kids fitness is a fixture due to the gym’s nonprofit arm, Carter Park Programs. Owners Jorge Monzon and Wayne Ulwick created the organization to make sure that local youth had fitness opportunities and each day offer CrossFit Kids, Teens, Soccer, and more.
  • Compete for a Cure: CrossFit Krypton in Virginia Beach, VA, home of 2015 Fittest Man Ben Smith, will host the fifth annual “Krypton’s Compete for a Cure” this spring during the CrossFit Open. Once you have registered for the Open and the Compete for a Cure competition, you will be added to the #CompeteForACure leaderboard. All proceeds benefit St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  • Community Members Try to Save CrossFit Leduc: In Leduc, Alberta, Canada, local gym members have started a GoFundMe campaign to help CrossFit Leduc, the only CrossFit box in the area, stay afloat over the next month. So far the campaign has raised over $6k toward a $10k goal.
  • Bronco Beatdown: In Mustang, OK, the Bronco Beatdown, a CrossFit competition and fundraiser to the Strength and Conditioning Program at Mustang High School will take place this spring. Registration is open now and CrossFit RWOL is hosting the event on the high school football field.
  Why CrossFit Should Provide Affiliate Owners More Guidance 


Why CrossFit Should Provide Affiliate Owners More Guidance

Over the last 12 months, thousands of gyms across the country have been forced to close their doors both temporarily and for some, permanently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While CrossFit gyms have been some of the hardest-hit businesses in the country, it seems that CrossFit HQ’s response to this problem has been rather inconsistent.

Here are a few key takeaways from our conversation with Morning Chalkup contributor and Buzzfeed writer Spencer Mestel to talk about his most recent piece and his thoughts on CrossFit’s response to this trying time for gyms across the country and around the world.

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What if Every Client Spent $10k at Your Gym?

"Long-Term Value" (LTV) is a key metric that refers to the total amount of money a client spends over the course of their entire relationship with your business. In this episode of the Two Brain Business podcast, learn how Emily Cabral at Chalkline CrossFit in Agoura Hills, CA achieved an LTV of $9,000 per client and why this is an important figure to track.




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How are they made? By using a proprietary fabric consisting of Italian milled denim infused with the same stuff used in football uniforms and yoga pants. The kicker? By dealing directly with the customer you can get your hands on these jeans for a killer price.



The Oly Open

The Oly Open is a women's only online Olympic weightlifting competition (non-sanctioned) hosted by Girls Gone Rx. It will take place over five weeks from the end of March through May, 2021, but registration is open now. Each week will be a new lift, announced on Wednesdays with scores due on Sunday night.



Your First Bar Muscle-Up

Struggling to get that first bar muscle-up? Try this six-week program from Brent Fitowski and the team at Train Your Weakness. This program is built to be added into your regular programming and will have you up and over the bar in just six weeks.



Honey Lemon Garlic Salmon

This wonderful salmon recipe includes an easy lemon garlic butter marinade and is then baked to flaky perfection. It makes a delicious, protein-packed dinner and you can serve it with your favorite salad or side dishes. Also, the marinade is perfect for your go-to proteins.


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