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Wodapalooza Canceled for 2021

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In today’s edition:

  • The Trials Finals are coming this weekend, learn more below.
  • Wodapalooza 2021 is canceled, look for its return in January 2022.
  • AIRWAAV is a training mouthpiece that performed so well it shocked the researcher studying it.
  • Two Brain Business released a report on gym profitability and other statistics in 2020, learn more below.

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  The Trials Finals Set to Debut with a New Digital Format This Weekend 

The Trials Finals Set to Debut with a New Digital Format This Weekend

Loud and Live’s presentation of The Trials Finals is set to air this weekend and we had the chance to catch up with Vice President of Sports, Dylan Malitsky to discuss the origins of the idea, the timing and importance of this competition, and the new online broadcast platform we’ll be able to watch all the action on.

  • “The Trials Finals concept was born out of a couple unique places and feelings,” said Malitsky.
  • “First, was our community’s desire to compete at a time when there has truly been a void. [And] secondly, we have seen other online competitions, and while done decently, we thought how can we take it to the next level? [Specifically], how can we emulate, as authentically as possible, the in-person event experience? Those were the lenses we looked through when the idea for the Trials came to light. Then it was just about “executing it at the highest possible level for everybody.”

Remind me: The Trials are an online competition organized by Loud and Live Sports. The qualifying workouts took place in early December, and the top finishers in each of three regions (U.S., Spain, Latin America) were invited to compete in the Finals.

  •  During the Finals, viewers will be able to watch the top nine athletes in each division (the top three from each region) on a “stage” in an international live broadcast. Viewers will get to choose the athletes they want to watch.
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Hit the Ground Running in 2021

Hit the Ground Running in 2021

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  • Kicking off today at 6:00 AM PT/9:00 AM ET, a limited quantity of Mat Fraser’s signature HWPO NIKE t-shirts goes on sale. Ten lucky winners will receive a golden ticket with their order for a signed shirt.
  • WHOOP is now the “Official Performance Partner” of Howard University Athletics. This multi-year partnership connects the performance and analytics tracker with nearly 150 student-athletes across five programs: Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Football, and Men’s and Women’s Golf for their inaugural season.⁣
  • Ben Smith has joined the Bare Performance Nutrition team as he enters his 13th CrossFit Games season.
  • New book: Coach Ben Bergeron is in the final stages of completing his second book, this one on leadership.
  • CrossFit graduated 20 new level three coaches across the globe in December, including Brazil’s first female L3 holder.
  Wodapalooza Canceled for 2021, Will Return in Early 2022 

Wodapalooza Canceled for 2021, Will Return in Early 2022

Yesterday, Matt O’Keefe, President of Loud and Live Sports appeared on the Make Pods Great Again podcast with John Wooley and Niki Brazier and announced that Wodapalooza 2021 would be canceled.

One big thing: On the podcast, O’Keefe confirmed that Wodapalooza would not be part of the CrossFit Games season in 2021 and further, that it would move back to its traditional time in mid-winter, specifically referencing January 2022. This means that going forward, Wodapalooza will be a standalone event.

  • O’Keefe: “That event [Wodapalooza], we’re going to push outside the system. It’s going to go back to where it was. It’s going to live on its own.”
  • “[Wodapalooza] is going to go back to January and be this stand-alone spectacle event and provide an awesome earning opportunity for athletes, and be an independent festival, hopefully, and I think it will be, in conjunction with CrossFit,” O’Keefe continued.

Remind me: In 2020, Wodapalooza hosted 2,500 athletes, 40,000 spectators, and 1,000 volunteers. This year would’ve been Wodapalooza’s tenth anniversary. “It would be inauthentic to the community to hold the event with the current state of the world, a watered-down version of Wodapalooza wouldn’t be true to what the event represents,” said Dylan Malitsky, Loud and Live’s Vice President of Sports.

  • “There is more information to come, we are in the final stages of confirming the 2022 dates and hope to make an official announcement in the next week,” Malitsky said.
  Training With a Mouthpiece? One Researcher’s Journey 

Training With a Mouthpiece? One Researcher’s Journey

CrossFitters are not shy when it comes to working smarter, not harder. So it’s no surprise that we’re the first to seek out new and innovative ways to get an edge on every aspect of training. Tools and accessories offer improved performance metrics from stability and strength (think knee sleeves and weightlifting belts), to endurance tracking (heart monitors and watches), and post-workout recovery (muscle stim). These training tools feel worn-in. Comfortable. They’re staples in most gym bags. We’re used to using them, and reaping the benefits.

But there’s a new player in the space — one that claims to have benefits in all those performance areas. And one that works in an unlikely location… inside your mouth.

AIRWAAV is a relatively new training tool. It’s a performance mouthpiece that fits along your bottom teeth and pushes your jaw just forward enough to create the “optimal airway opening,” resulting in:

  • Increased endurance —  by reducing respiratory rate by 20%, resulting in less lactic acid production
  • Increased strength —  by improving muscular endurance
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  New Two Brain Business Data Reveals 69 Percent of CrossFit Gyms Profitable, Median Coach Pay $24,000 


New Two Brain Business Data Reveals 69 Percent of CrossFit Gyms Profitable, Median Coach Pay $24,000

Gym business mentorship company TwoBrain Business recently released an 84-page report generated from extensive research that dove into the state of the fitness industry in 2020. It includes data about business profitability, coach pay, advertising and marketing trends, and how COVID-19 has affected various aspects of the business.

Why this matters: TwoBrain Business calls this “the most comprehensive, data-driven analysis of the fitness industry ever conducted.” At the very least, it can provide affiliate owners with useful insights as to where they stack up compared to other CrossFit gyms, and the industry as a whole.

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  New Two Brain Business Data Reveals 69 Percent of CrossFit Gyms Profitable, Median Coach Pay $24,000 

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