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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Pre-order Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir’s new children’s book.
  • A CrossFit athlete is rowing 1 million meters to support a youth fitness program.
  • The Morning Chalk Up team breaks down the big changes to the 2022 CrossFit Games season.
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“You have power over your mind-not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.” - Marcus Aurelius

  Ryan Geiger: The Man Rowing 1 Million Meters to Raise Money for an Arizona Youth Program  

Ryan Geiger: The Man Rowing 1 Million Meters to Raise Money for an Arizona Youth Program

1 million. That’s how many meters Ryan Geiger will row in November to support Forging Youth Resilience (FYR) Flagstaff, a nonprofit aiding at-promise and underserved youth in the community.

The big picture: FYR Flagstaff, a youth program part of the organization formerly known as Steve’s Club National Program, offers free fitness classes, operating with the belief that “functional fitness, nutritional education, and authentic, positive community connections” can improve psychological and physical well-being and transform the lives of at-promise youth.

  • FYR Flagstaff has been operating in Flagstaff since 2013, the first classes held at CrossFit Flagstaff. When COVID started, Program Coordinator Sarah Vanier pivoted the program away from that affiliate to make it more accessible.
  • Now, without a brick-and-mortar (Vanier calls their program a “roving”), the organization works with community partners, like the Boys & Girls club and family support centers, to host FYR classes.

Funds raised from Geiger’s million meters will go towards equipment for their functional fitness program, continuing their community connections, and purchasing items – like food, Vanier says – to make FYR more appealing to youth in the area.

The Million Meters: Through November, Geiger, a former professional mountain biker and L1-certified CrossFit coach, will row 33,334 meters a day. He’s breaking it down to two sessions of 16,667-meter rows a day — pacing around an hour and 15 minutes for each session — and says his body is slowly adapting to the work.

  • “One million is a big number,” Geiger said. “There was something that attracted me to a challenge of that sort. But the basis of it is that we were looking for a creative way to fundraise money while living the words of FYR; we’re trying to build resilience and set a good example of resilience that kids could see and latch on to.”

The bottom line: “We’re in a rebuilding phase,” says Geiger. “We’re getting to a point where FYR is really hitting its stride, and fundraising at this point will get us to a place where we’re able to pursue and continue a lot of awesome growth that has happened in the last year and make sure that momentum goes forward.”

The million-meter GoFundMe campaign has crossed the halfway point to its goal: $5,000. Geiger says if the fundraiser reaches $10,000, he will attempt to row 100,000 meters in one day.

  • “It’s really cool to see how many people have been supporting FYR from the local community. Flagstaff has stepped up for something that a lot of people are starting to take note of… it makes it very easy to row every day when you see so much local support,” Geiger says.
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REVEALED TODAY at 7:45 AM PT…the name and pre-order of Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir’s new children’s book, which was announced last week.

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MUST READ message from Carly Fuhrer, two-time CrossFit Games athlete from 2016-17, who not longer competes:

  • “Guys just because I was elite doesn’t mean I still am. Just because I was elite doesn’t mean I shouldn’t ever be able to compete again…can I DO ‘Rx’ movements, yes. Can I do some ‘Rx’ weights yes… but that doesn’t mean I’m there?”
  • “I am a mom who loves this community and all it’s taught and shown me, a gal who loves fitness in all forms and appreciates it. I’m competitive by nature and learning to accept where I am is okay. It’s okay I cannot do what I used to do. My daughter still thinks I’m cool when I lift that 25# DB. She still cheers me on when I fail something that used to be easy. I’m doing this because it brings me joy, at any level. You should too.”

The OUT Foundation is hiring a director of communications, events coordinator and program coordinator.

  Ryan Geiger: The Man Rowing 1 Million Meters to Raise Money for an Arizona Youth Program  

Breaking Down the 2022 CrossFit Games Season

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9/22 - 9/24: Beach Brawl (Pensacola Beach, FL)
9/23 - 9/24: Madrid Fitness Challenge (San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid, Spain)
9/23: Ladies of Power: Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
9/23: Warrior Games 2023 (Suffield, CT)
9/23: Thrive Throwdown (Lynchburg, VA)
9/23: Warrior Games 2023 (Suffield, CT)
9/23: The Gulf Coast Games (Pinellas Park, FL)
10/6 - 10/8: Marbella Championship (Marbella, Spain)
10/7: Battle of Branded One at Redstone CrossFit (Littleton, CO)
10/13 - 10/15: Midwest Championship (Rochester, MN)
10/13 - 10/15: Midwest Championship (Rochester, MN)
10/14 - 10/15: 059 Classic (Modena, Italy)
10/14 - 10/15: The Vanguard (Lakeland, FL)
10/14: Strength and Speed (Feasterville, PA)
10/20 - 10/21: AAYMCA CrossFit Throwdown (Anderson, SC)
10/20 - 10/21: AAYMCA CrossFit Throwdown (Anderson, SC)
10/21: Festivus Games – Pairs (Savannah, GA)
10/27 - 10/29: Oslo Throwdown (Oslo, Norway)
10/29 - 11/19: CHLKDUP BOX LEAGUE – NASH (Nashville, TN)
10/29 - 11/19: CHLKDUP BOX LEAGUE – BHAM (Birmingham, AL)
11/4 - 11/5: Costa Barcelona Fitness Challenge (Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Spain)
11/4 - 11/5: Hold Fast Competition Individual (Gerenzano, Italy)
11/11: War of the Masters (Elkton, MD)

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