Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir Launch New Children’s Book

November 11, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir
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The two most decorated CrossFit Games athletes from Iceland are joining forces for another project. Two-time champion Annie Thorisdottir and two-time champion Katrin Davidsdottir have written a children’s book together, which they will fully reveal on Tuesday. November 16. The story is centered around a young girl named Freyja — which is also the name of Annie’s daughter — who “sets out on an adventure to chase down her own destiny.”

The details: The two-time champions have yet to reveal the details of the children’s book, but they have provided some important information. For example, a prominent theme of the project is resiliency. Thorisdottir and Davidsdottir wanted to deliver the message that people fight through anything that stands in their way. 

  • Thorisdottir: “Everyone will meet adversity at some point during their life, some obstacles big and others small. When you are growing up, if you are not exposed to challenges and how to approach them, you will grow up afraid of them and will shy away from everything new and never experience what life is all about.” 
  • “Most will have a ‘defining moment’, for some it will be clear what it is, for others it might not be that clear. What leads up to this defining moment is what we want to showcase in this book. To help parents show their children that it is okay to fail and trying is the best way of succeeding. Resilience is something that is easily lost in our modern life, but one of the most important life skills to learn.”

Thorisdottir teased the big reveal on an episode of Jason Khalipa’s “Effort Over Everything” podcast: “We’re definitely creating something. Me and Katrin, we’re doing some incredible things together, and I’m so excited to share some of it. There’s these different things. I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. Ok, I’m just going to blurt it out. We wrote the most incredible children’s book. We haven’t decided the title actually, and it’s not fully ready yet. But the story — I could not be prouder of the book than I am right now.”

A positive impact: Thorisdottir explained that she has spent a lot of time thinking about how to change the world for the better. She believes that this process starts with the kids. Thorisdottir added that she and Davidsdottir have spent “years” talking about the subject, and now they are preparing to make the big reveal.  

The children’s book is not the only venture in progress. On top of their recently launched Dottir Audio, Thorisdottir revealed during her discussion with Khalipa that she and Davidsdottir have multiple things coming down the pipeline. Understandably, the fitness world is a key part of these plans.  

  • “I have so many things that I’m extremely excited about that I’m starting to spend… It’s funny. After so many years, you get sponsored by certain companies and you help build them up, but at a certain point, I also want to build something that’s mine.” 
  • “I have very strong opinions, and I’ve had the privilege of getting to choose the companies that I work with. So I’m not forced to work with someone that I don’t believe in or don’t want to use. That’s definitely a privilege that I’ve got.”

Several options were available: The book was not the first idea that Davidsdottir and Thorisdottir came up with. They looked at some other options that they could use to inspire the next generation of athletes. The main theme that permeated each idea was mental fitness. 

  • “We have played with the idea for YEARS. It started with an Icelandic tv show, Lazy Town. A show in which the main objective was to get kids to MOVE and make it FUN. We went from the idea of recreating this to something that was even closer to our hearts than physical fitness – mental fitness.” 
  • “Growing resilience and courage to be YOU and to rely on friends and family to support and guide you – something that we both have been incredibly fortunate to have growing up.” 

Why it matters: Thorisdottir has been involved in several business ventures throughout her career. She supported the Grid League early on, she became an investor in Yerbae, and she partnered with Davidsdottir to launch the line of Dottir headphones. Joining forces with her fellow champion to write a children’s book only continues this trend.

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