Eva Claire (EC) Synkowski

Founder/Owner of OptimizeMe Nutrition

Though she might best be known today for the woman who coined the popular 800-gram challenge, a nutrition challenge that focuses on eating 800 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, EC Synkowski, the founder of OptimizeMe Nutrition, also spent a number of years working for CrossFit HQ, designing their course materials, including the nutrition ones. 

Eventually, after doing her Masters of Science degree in nutrition and functional medicine, Synkowski resigned from CrossFit to become an entrepreneur and nutrition coach, eventually starting her company in 2018. 

Like most entrepreneurs, she has learned through trial and error in the last three years.

“I started my company with a business model I soon realized I didn’t want to ultimately do. There have been challenges since in figuring out the right products and packaging, so to speak,” she said. 

Just three years later, however, Synkowski’s brand and 800-gram challenge is a well-known one in the CrossFit community, her business has nearly 40,000 followers, and she says the journey has been incredibly rewarding so far.

“To be able to see the end product of (your) work in someone else’s life and health is pretty darn rewarding. I’m thrilled I can have a positive influence in that way,” she said. 

Q&A with EC Synkowski:

How do you take your coffee?

Synkowski: “Black. Dark roast.”

Tell us about your first experience in a CrossFit gym:

Synkowski: “January 2, 2006, I walked into Crossfit Boston as part of a New Year’s resolution. I had grown sick of my traditional globo gym routine….My first workout was Grace. Scaled and no dropping (weights), of course. It was great. Everything you expect: friendly community, tough workout, great coach, and I wanted to do it again.”

What does a day in your life look like running OptimizeMe Nutrition?

Synkowski: “Probably less exciting than people may think. I don’t leave my computer much. The morning starts off with a big chunk of reading and writing for my podcast and, or product design. The rest of the day is a mix of less intense content creation—social media, email newsletter, web updates, video clips—coaching clients and meetings.”

What’s your advice for up-and-coming women looking to pursue a career in the fitness space?

Synkowski: “Spend the time to figure out what you want to do. Not conceptually or generally, but rather the specific nuts and bolts of what the product is and the business model. Is it financially feasible? And is it what you actually want to do? (And if there is someone) successfully doing exactly that, talk to them.”