Kandace Hudspeth

CMO of HYBRID Performance Method

Hudspeth’s journey through fitness started as a cheerleader turned bodybuilder, and her career followed this closely, eventually leading her to become the VP of Marketing and Brand Innovation for bodybuilding.com, where she spent time working with athletes across different sports, including CrossFit. After that, she was the CMO with OPEX Fitness and now at HYBRID Performance Method. 

Though her background was in bodybuilding, Hudspeth also fell in love with CrossFit along the way, and it’s still what “gets me out of bed and into my garage every morning,” she said. 

As you might expect from a CMO, Hudspeth’s days are very structured and regimented, starting with a 5 a.m. wake up with the same routine each day: water, coffee, snuggle with her dog, gratitude practice and handling any urgent work needs. This is followed by walking her dog and then hitting the gym for a workout before putting in a long day that finishes at 6 p.m.

Q&A with Hudspeth:

How do you take your coffee?

Hudspeth: “Usually Americano black. If I need a morning dose of protein (then) with French vanilla collagen.”

Coming from a bodybuilding background, and then finding CrossFit, what is your training style today?

Hudspeth: “That a tough question. I would really prefer not to let my training be defined by any one style. I’m grateful for the knowledge gained at every step of my fitness journey. I focus on a blend of strength training and progressive overload principles influenced by years of bodybuilding with the varied aerobic athletic skills of CrossFit. My training style is focused on longevity. I want to move in ways that inspire me for as long as possible. I never want to feel limited in movement selection and capability. This has become increasingly important to me as I enter my 40s.”

What’s the best, most rewarding part about what you do?

Hudspeth: “I am a coach at heart. I love developing talent, mentoring my team to create work they are truly proud of, and fostering a culture that wins together. As a leader, my priority, and ultimate reward, is supporting the growth and development of those around me.”

What’s your advice for up-and-coming women looking to pursue a career in the fitness space?

Hudspeth: “Never stop developing and mastering your craft. Commit time to this daily. Focus on becoming a great leader; leading your team and the people around you is the most rewarding way to win…And learn to balance art and science in your career. We’re surrounded by data. Use it, but always balance it with intuition and understanding of human behavior.”