5 Things You Should Know about Wodapalooza this Year

September 5, 2016 by
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An interview with Dylan Malitsky

Last week, the Morning Chalk Up talked with Dylan Malitsky, one of the General Managers for the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival (January 12-15, 2017 in Miami, FL). You may recognize him as a coach at Peak360 CrossFit, or maybe you saw him at the CrossFit games where he mc’d the events for the 4th time, or perhaps you knew him from his time at the University of Miami when he was an RA alongside athlete Noah Olsen (who first got him interested in CrossFit). Regardless, he’s got the scoop on the upcoming Wodapalooza Festival. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things from our conversation that we think any CrossFit enthusiast would want to know about Wodapalooza 2017.

1. Wodapalooza is a competition for everyone, but it also foreshadows the CrossFit Games.

“We believe it’s not just about the 1%, the elite athlete, although we do have an outlet for them to excel and compete…instead, we want the entire fitness community to rally around and experience what Wodapalooza has to offer…There are over 20 categories – we want to give everyone an opportunity to compete.” – Dylan

But did you know…?

6 of the top 7 male 2016 Wodapalooza winners competed at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

6 of the top 7 female 2016 Wodapalooza winners competed at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

We’re beginning to see that after a few quieter months of training and holidays, Wodapalooza serves as a kick off to the CrossFit season, welcoming in the CrossFit open just one month later. The competition is fierce, and everyone is wondering – who is going to be at the top in 2017?

2. Wodapalooza always pulls really crazy things out of the hopper.

“Last year we actually brought a barge down, and we freakin’ shipped it from Fort Lauderdale. It took two days to pull it. One of our events included deadlifts on land, swimming out to the barge (50 m), climbing up a cargo net, handstand push-ups on the barge, diving in and swimming back – in the middle of the day in Miami. It’s more about the experience than anything else. We like to do things that shock and wow.” – Dylan

Wodapalooza is a time where athletes of all levels get to try new workouts using CrossFit games-type movements and toys.  You’ve got to be ready for anything.

3. Wodapalooza is adding another day to the festival – Thursday!

“We are adding Thursday to the festival, with events independent from the Friday, Saturday and Sunday competition. Thursday will be filled with cool, additional components for those interested in a day of fitness fun. These secret events are geared towards those who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate or perhaps are not interested in competing all three days… We are moving check-in to be located at the Wodapalooza venue, so that all the surprise fun is happening around them.” – Dylan

This is one of the longest workout competitions out there and definitely one of the most entertaining! If you can’t make the event – you can tune in on the action wherever you are via FloElite LIVE online streaming.

4. Wodapalooza is introducing the International Cup this year.

For all you fitness folks out there across the pond and around the world…

“This is brand new to Wodapalooza. We just found that people from some regions weren’t qualifying – we wanted to give them another opportunity to compete at Wodapalooza. So, in addition to signing up for the elite RX division, if athletes are located in an international “region,” they are entered into a separate leaderboard (in additional to the overall RX leaderboard). If they finish top 3 in their region on the qualifier workouts, they can choose to compete in the International Cup division, where they will go head to head with other competitors for a cash prize, as well as rep their country and region.” – Dylan

5. Wodapalooza is about celebrating life and this year, it’s on a whole new level.

“We’re more than just a competition; we’re a fitness festival, a fitness retreat. We want people to come and have an amazing time, not just competing. This includes amazing weather in downtown Miami, and this year, we are introducing new, surprise musical artists and other sources of entertainment (including food and drink) …We almost compare it to the ‘Ultra’ festival which takes place at the same venue. We want this to be more than just working out or watching people work out for three days. We want this to be something the whole family can enjoy.” – Dylan

Not to mention the VIP experience…think pools, hot tubs, food galore. Regardless of where you are hanging out, it’s going to be a good time – on and off the competition floor.

To learn more about Wodapalooza, check out their website:

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