A Look Inside the CrossFit Invitational

November 16, 2016 by
CrossFit Inc.
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In case you forgot, the CrossFit Invitational is this weekend and it’s in Toronto, Canada. For those who are unfamiliar, the Invitational is basically the CrossFit All Stars game.


It’s one of the most fundamental curiosities in any competitive sport: “What would happen if we took Shaq, Kobe, D Wade and put them on a team together? They’d dominate.” In 2012, CrossFit got curious and they teamed up with Reebok to introduce the first CrossFit Invitational in London, England — 2 teams of 6 athletes, U.S. vs. the World (Europe, Australia and Canada), competing for the title of Champion. 


Justin Bergh, the General Manager of the CrossFit Games, describes it: “We had wanted to continue doing new and different things in the off-season…and glean some good input on what we do for the Open and Regionals and the Games.”

The most obvious example is the 2015 debut of a Fran-style couplet of thrusters and legless rope climbs which was chosen to conclude the 2016 Regionals.

But perhaps the most interesting thing CrossFit experimented with was allowing the athletes to collaborate with Dave Castro on the workouts.


Yep, you read that right. At the inaugural Invitational, Dave Castro actually gave the athletes a chance to collaborate on the individual workouts and their format. But for those of you secretly hoping Dave will ring you up to ask your advice on whether to put muscle-ups in the 2017 Open, I wouldn’t hold your breath. As Justin Bergh recalls: “We were never doing that again. Programming by committee is really hard.”

But like anything in life, the CrossFit Invitational was about testing things out and seeing what worked. 


This year marks the 5th CrossFit Invitational. We know a few things — CrossFit is looking to host events like the CrossFit Games and the Invitational in new cities. An Invitational in Australia perhaps?

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The Invitational is this Sunday and here’s how you can watch it live.

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