MS is Not a Stop Sign, Just a Guideline

April 5, 2017 by
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When I joined fundamentals in December, to lift a bar made my knees shake, jumping rope wasn’t an achievable option, my run was a fast paced walk, and jumping on anything other than the floor was terrifying! I hadn’t been in the gym in months because of an exacerbation with my MS. It sucked to put it gently!

Well…as of yesterday, in three short months, I have participated in class and actually did cleans, push presses and snatches (with light weights), jumped on a box, jogged 400m without stopping, jumped rope with 6 singles in a row…did I mention jumped on a box! 

It’s because of your hard work, patience, and knowledge of movement that got me here. MS is no longer a stop sign for me, but rather a guideline. And despite my side-eye and snarling looks sometimes when I see the workout, I am beyond grateful and thank you all dearly! Keep doing what you do! You all rock! Woot!

I’m excited to see what the next three months have in store.

Laura Cariello is an athlete at CrossFit Jersey City living with MS.

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