Raw Water, California’s Newest Health Craze

January 8, 2018 by
Ny Times
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Come again?

There’s no denying the plethora of health crazes that have popped up in trendy cities across California over the last couple of years — matcha mania, pre-packaged bone broth, avocado EVERYTHING, butter coffee…you name it.

Well 2018 is already dishing out some entertainment for us in the form of raw water.

Raw water?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: “unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water” and it’s becoming stupidly popular in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

If raw water’s definition sounds like you just dunked a gallon jug underneath a waterfall and took a giant swig then you’re correct: that’s exactly what it is and it retails for $36.99 for 2.5 gallons at select Bay Area grocery stores (that is if you can find it in stock.)

Companies like Live Water and Zero Mass are pioneering this movement in an effort to eliminate the worries of lead, chloramine, and fluoride that’s added to city water.

Is that safe?

That depends on who you talk to. Experts say raw water may contain minerals, but you can get the minerals you need from a healthy diet. On the other hand, raw water runs the risk of some known and not so friendly bacteria like Giardia and E. coli.

We get it. Bottled water is controversial and paleo is so in right now, but be smart people.

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