Retired Marine Sets 10+ Hour Plank World Record

Jun 29, 2018 by

This already sounds terrible.

While most people look forward to retiring in their 60s, George Hood decided he would just go ahead and break a few World Records. And no, not for anything fun.

Hood just broke the world planking record. 

What the what?

Six pack or no, Hood has abs of steel and he can hold a plank longer than you sit in a squat, stand on one leg, or jog without stopping.

The guy held a plank for 10 hours without stopping: 10 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds to be exact.

So like your entire work day today, and your commute. So at 5PM today when you hear that horn blow signaling that it’s time to leave, George is getting up from his plank…to take a break.

Did you say break?

We did.

His 10 hour plank was immediately preceded by an 8-hour plank. Apparently, the Guinness folks were stuck in traffic or something while George was holding, still holding, for an 8-hour warm-up, which brings his grand total in a 24-hour period to 18 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

No way.

Don’t believe us? You can watch the whole thing.

The first four hours.

The second four hours.

Another 3 hours.

And here are all the rest if you really want to watch.

And he did it for a good cause. Hood is the fitness director at Indian Boundary YMCA in Downers Grove, IL which is also where they hosted an event for the record breaking gentleman. Hood, a veteran Marine officer, used the event to raise funds for Urban Warriors, a program through which veterans coach Chicago children who have been exposed to trauma and violence. That’s record breaking generosity, too.

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