The story.

Place of Hope is just that.

A children’s organization providing family-style foster care, housing and support services for homeless families, and foster care for the hundreds of children in Florida that need their services, Place of Hope is a safe refuge from abuse, hunger, and sometimes even abandonment.

That’s a lot.

It is, but they’re up to the challenge. Place of Hope has several programs running to serve their community, and all of them are aimed at assisting children and youth in finding healing and restoration, which they believe leads to successful adulthood.

One of these programs is called Fit For Hope.

What is Fit For Hope?

Fit For Hope is a summer-long series of fundraisers that will help Gray Fitness center be another safe haven for the kids that need it the most.

“The Gray Fitness Center is so much more than a gym; it is an avenue through which our children and young adults learn the value of health, nutrition, athleticism and team work,” said Charles L. Bender, III, Founding CEO of Place of Hope. Keeping these kids active not only ensures their health, but it also provides measurable growth and improved self-image, all crucial for kids in the foster system.

That’s awesome.

Totally, and what better way to help them than with more fitness. Beginning July 7, fitness goers can provide a brighter future for foster children by accepting the Fit For Hope challenge. Find an event, host an event, donate, or capture some fitness using  #FitForHope and keep those kids feeling fit and hopeful in Florida.

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