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Day One Rolls out with a Criterium

Jul 30, 2018 by

A what?

A criterium, aka the Nascar race of cycling.

Dave Castro rode into the athlete briefing on a Trek bike and announced that Individual Event One is a Criterium, a bike race consisting of several laps around a closed circuit. Since Criteriums are shorter than traditional road races, they’re also way faster, more technical and, can be a bit risky.

Risky, eh?!

The golden rule in Criteriums is “Don’t panic.” Since the speeds are much higher, the intensity is higher. Also, the rules are a bit different. Attacking and cornering are common, as are overlapping tires.

Someone will for sure crash.

For sure, and Dave Castro knows it. He warned them, “There is a high probability of crashing. Don’t crash.” So what was the first thing Khan Porter did? YouTubed “worst criterium crashes” of course.

The Crit, as Castro calls it, consists of ten 1,200 meter laps, on a bike for time — that’s 12,000 meters for you mathematically challenged. The race will begin with a rolling start. Once the pace bike has exited the course, racing will begin and will continue for 10 laps. A white flag will be flown to signify the start of the final lap. They’ll be going in heats of 40, meaning that all Individual Men will run in the same heat and all Individual Women will too.

That’s gonna’ be crowded!

But they’ll be ready. All athletes were fitted for their bikes and given time trials. The time trials will designate the start order for Individual Event One. Dave Castro joined in on the fun, trying to out sprint Nick Urankar on his Trek bike. No such luck.

Later that day, CrossFit posted “Since programming Individual Event 1, Dave’s taken some time to think about what it will take for an athlete to perform well in the CRIT. “Most CrossFit events, you have a safe space, your own lane,’ he says. ‘You get to own your space. You don’t get that in the CRIT. Having 40 athletes in one heat is like putting everyone’s barbells and dumbbells in one lane. Maybe we should try that some time. That’d be fun.’”

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