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The 9 Most Ridiculous Things From the 2018 CrossFit Games

Aug 23, 2018 by

Every year, the CrossFit Games brings together the best in the elite fitness world to compete for the title of Fittest on Earth. 

After 560 athletes took the stage over five days, here are 9 of the most ridiculous things that happened you might not have heard about. 

1. Steph Chung competed during the entire CrossFit Games with a broken ankle.

She broke her ankle during training a couple of weeks before the Games kicked off.

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2. Landon Brazzell suffered a massive brain injury in 2012, almost shattering his CrossFit Games dreams.

Landon Brazzell was an aspiring Games athlete when he fell off the rings and cracked his skull open during a local competition. Doctors told him he couldn’t ever do CrossFit again but he obviously didn’t listen. While he never qualified as an individual, his road to recovery led him to qualify as a 35-39 masters athletes where he placed 17th.

3. Patrick Vellner bruised his lung, coughed up blood and still got second.

During the Obstacle Course race, Vellner’s foot got stuck on the cargo net and he tumbled down for a hard fall on his back. After the event, CrossFit Games medical staff examined Vellner, who was coughing up blood. An official examination determined he had a bruised lung. He was given the OK to compete but if there was any more blood he was getting pulled out.

4. 14-year-old Olivia Sulek became the youngest athlete to win her division.

The 5’4″, 140 pound high schooler became the youngest athlete to ever win their division at the CrossFit Games, and she won by 68 points.

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5. Sara Sigmundsdottir competed with a broken rib.

Talk about competing through pain. Sigmundsdottir said she hurt her rib during the CrossFit Total (Event 3), which means she completed another five workouts before withdrawing, including a 10th place finish on the marathon row, 6th place on the clean and jerk speed ladder, 6th place on Fibionacci, and an 11th on Madison Triplus.

Swipe right. –>

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6. 60-year-old Mark Landry got his first muscle-up at the CrossFit Games

Talk about motivation to get your first muscle-up. Landry was in the middle of Jump Finish, which started with 2 muscle-ups.

7. Masters athlete Will Powell returns to complete swim.

Last year, Will Powell nearly drowned during the open water swim. He returned in 2018, and not only complete the entire swim but take 17th in the same division that he competed in last year.

8. Sheila Barden from Team Don’t Stop competed with a herniated disc.

Sheila had a “10mm Herniation, L5/S1, with bilateral S1 nerve root compression” the entire time competing at the Games. No biggie though, Team Don’t Stop still took sixth overall.

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9. 14-year-old Maddy Espinoza split jerked 220 pounds.

We keep seeing the strong get stronger, but this 220 pound split jerk from Maddy Espinoza is truly remarkable.

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