Dani Speegle stopped by the Morning Chalk Up update studio to talk about the final day of competition at Wodapalooza. 

Currently sitting in sixth place overall, and just 16 points behind Colleen Fotsch in fifth. 

“Anything with a heavy barbell I’m always super excited for,” Speegle said.

Event 7 “should be a pretty good workout for me as well. I actually work with the axel bar a lot so I’m hoping that kind of trips up some other girls who maybe don’t use it.”

Speegle, who placed fifth at Dubai CrossFit Championship, plans to also compete at Strength in Depth in London, the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in D.C., and the Reykjavik Crossfit Championship.

If Speegle places in the top five, she’ll likely receive a direct invitation to compete at the Brazil CrossFit Championship too.

“Obviously any competition I’m here to compete and do the best I can, but not it’s definitely more important any kind of placement, not just podium, as high as you can get.”

Speegle, who has qualified for multiple events through the online qualifier, dismissed the toll qualifiers have taken on her body. 

“I feel pretty good. I love the qualifying workouts. It’s just normal training. I think it’s great training in general. It’s not like I’m adding that volume on top of what I’d already be doing. I’m just kind of supplementing those with my workouts and then doing accessory work and strength work on the side.”


Dani Speegle

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