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Annie Thorisdottir Shared Everything She Loves About Iceland and Competing

May 3, 2019 by
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Morning Chalk Up’s Senior Games Analyst Tommy Marquez caught up with Annie Thorisdottir at the end of Day One of the inaugural Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. Thorisdottir, who played both host and co-director today, revealed how she planned the event to best represent all the things she loves most about Iceland.

“I’m very proud of today, how everything ran through. I’m so happy that we got good weather going up the mountain and to me that mountain its a big part of my training, it has a piece of my heart. I’ve done it leading up to almost every single competition I do and now I get to share it with the world and the athletes here.”

But it wasn’t just Iceland that Thorisdottir focused on, it was also the spirit of competing. While planning, Thorisdottir took things like lighting and stage set-up to showcase her favorite parts of competition.


“I want them to have a Regionals type experience. I love European regionals. I love the feeling and the atmosphere in Berlin, and that’s something that I wanted to create here…this is what I love competing in, this is what I really love competing in and I think it’s really spectator friendly. For the people at home, we wanted to make sure that they would get the same experience, and create that tense atmosphere, and I feel like that’s a little bit Icelandic as well. That intense and power and that’s what I’m hoping is going to come in every single one of those workouts, is that you’re going to get that feeling both for the spectators and for the live feed.”

Tomorrow, Thorisdottir switches gears from hosting and directing and instead gets back out on that competition floor when she goes head-to-head with Katrin Davidsdottir in “Dottir.”

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