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Analysis of Preliminary Age Group Online Qualifier Results

May 12, 2019 by
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The Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) concluded last Monday, May 6th. Video reviews are now underway for the top 25 men and women in each age division, which will be completed on May 21st. As we saw with the Individuals, expect scoring adjustments and leaderboard shifting as happens each year with the AGOQ video reviews. Age Group athletes finding themselves in the 11th, 12th, 13th, or so places post-video review should remain ready for backfill spots. Every year there are withdraws before the Games that get backfilled. In the meantime, we have a preliminary leaderboard to review.

Competition numbers for each age division.

[chart title=”2019 Age Group Online Qualifier Preliminary Numbers”]

W35-39 W40-44 W45-49 W50-54 W55-59 W60+ M35-39 M40-44 M45-49 M50-54 M55-59 M60+ Masters G14-15 G16-17 B14-15 B16-17 Teens
Age Group Games Rookies
6 3 1 4 0 3 6 7 4 1 2 3 40 7 1 8 5 21
Qualifier Ave Open Place
12.7 11.6 12.2 6.8 8.2 13.8 8.0 21.0 48.4 14.8 11.7 8.5 14.8 8.4 7.8 8.4 8.2 8.2
Highest Qualifier Open Place
34 29 38 14 23 48 18 88 194 57 27 17 194 39 27 17 18 39
AGOQ Participants 157 170 141 137 153 143 150 165 152 148 156 159 1831 155 152 162 158 627


  • Competition rate: 76% of the 2,400 eligible Masters and 78% of the 800 eligible Teenagers competed in the AGOQ.
  • Open placement correlated well with the AGOQ Top 10 for the Masters women and all Teenagers. There was a wider range in some of the Masters men’s divisions.
  • Masters Games experience means a lot evidence by 40 Master rookies (33% of the field). Games experience is especially relevant in the older age groups. Note that ten of the younger Masters rookies have Games Individual and/or Team experience.

Outstanding Master Performances

  • Susan Clarke (Women 60+) 5 points – Perfect Score, never been done before by a Master; once by a teenager – Tudor Magda in 2018.
  • Laurie Meschishnick (Women 55-59) 8 points
  • Justin Lasala (Men 45-49) 18 points
  • Jolaine Undershute (Women 45-49) 22 points
  • Jana Slyder (Women 50-54) 22 points
  • Paul Perna (Men 60+) 24 points

Outstanding Teenager Performances

  • Gigi Sabatini (Girls 14-15) 9 points
  • Amato Mazzocca (Boys 14-15) 11 points
  • Dallin Pepper (Boys 16-17) 12 points
  • Chloe Smith (Girls 16-17) 21 points

Significant Games Master Appearances/Streaks

  • Lynn Knapman (Women 55-59) 10th Consecutive Games – Every CrossFit Games Masters Competition
  • Mary Beth Prodromides (Women 55-59) 8th Games
  • Will Powell (Men 55-59) 7th Consecutive Games
  • David Hippensteel (Men 60+) 7th Consecutive Games
  • Laurie Meschishnick (Women 55-59) 7th Games
  • Janet Black (Women 45-49) 6th Consecutive Games (7th including CFG13 Team)
  • Marion Valkenburg (Women 55-59) 6th Consecutive Games
  • Hylie Thompson (Women 55-59) 6th Games
  • Linda Elstun (Women 55-59) 6th Games
  • Sue Velott (Women 55-59) 6th Games

Significant Games Teenager Appearances/Streaks (16-17 Divisions)

  • Devyn Kim: 4th Consecutive Games – all four eligible years
  • Dallin Pepper: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Chloe Smith: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Tudor Magda: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Lea Malo: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Ellie Kerstetter: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Annalise Moore: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Mia Nightingale: 3rd Consecutive Games

Multi-Games Champions Return

  • 4x Masters Champion Mary Beth Prodromides (Women 55-59)
  • 3x Masters Champion Susan Clarke (Women 60+), she has never lost at the Games
  • 3x Masters Champion Will Powell (Men 55-59)
  • 3x Masters Champion David Hippensteel (Men 60+)
  • 2x Masters Champion Gord Mackinnon (Men 60+), he has never lost at the Games (has had four past Games withdraws after qualifying)
  • 2x Masters Champion Kyle Kasperbauer (Men 35-39), he has never lost at the Games as a Master
  • 2x Masters Champion Stephanie Roy (Women 40-44), she has never lost at the Games as a Master
  • 2x Masters Champion Cheryl Brost (Women 45-49)
  • 2x Teenager Champion Dallin Pepper (Boys 16-17), he has never lost at the Games (attempting to become the first 3x Teenager Champion)

Notable athletes just on the wrong side of the cut line: Luiza Marques, Nino Ladvenicova, Kelley Jackson, Mike Abgarian, Semma Burba, Giulio Silvino, Arthur Komorowski, Nathan Loren, Brian Montgomery, Jeffrey Tincher, Craig Eisman, Barbara Sessa, Colleen Fahey, Vincent Lopez, Julie Holt, Lee Monk, Shaun Havard, Paula Moore, Marica Yager, Kim Luber, Cal Cherrington, Thomas Ackerman, and Del LaFountain.

Notable athletes that did not submit AGOQ scores: Mikaela Senkus, Christian Gallaher, Samantha Briggs, Jason Smith, Dan Bailey, Chris Spealler, Amanda Allen, Kylie Massi, Robert Davis, James Grundler, Cliff Musgrave, Donna Eramo, Shannon Aiken, and Patty Failla.

Rogue Invitational Legends: Rebecca Voigt Miller (4th), Matt Chan (23rd), Kristan Clever (101st), Tanya Wagner (147th), Samantha Briggs (DNS), Dan Bailey (DNS), and Chris Spealler (DNS).

Notable Observations

  • Rebecca Voigt Miller (Women 35-39) keeps her consecutive Games Streak alive at 12 which started at the 2008 Games: ten Individual and now Two Masters.
  • Alethea Boon took 2nd for Women 35-39. Three days before the AGOQ started, she took 3rd at the Asia CrossFit Championship in China.
  • Mary Schwing’s attempt for her 8th consecutive appearance in the 60+ Division comes to an end, she finished in 27th.
    Taking full advantage of not having the Open Scores counting for the AGOQ scores were: Steve Ewing (Men 45-49) 194th in Open and Jason Grubb (Men 40-44) 88th in Open.

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