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Three Things to Pay Attention to on Day 1

Jun 27, 2019 by

Day one of competition kicks off in less than 12 hours. Five hundred and forty total athletes assembled inside the Vélodrome National this afternoon to get checked in and briefed. 

For a full breakdown of who to watch over the next three days, Tommy Marquez has you covered with his scouting report

Here are three things I’m going to keeping my eye on Friday.

1. The Heat.

Europe is smack in the middle of a heat wave and France is no exception. Temperatures on Thursday reached 90 degrees and 60%+ humidity and tomorrow will be another scorcher, currently forecasted at 92 degrees (33 celsius) and sunny.

Two of tomorrow’s events include a 8.5km/5.9 mile run and 500m paddle board, and GHDs plus double under on a scorching blacktop outside. 

Even inside the Vélodrome, the temperature and humidity are very high. Staying hydrated is going to be a serious challenge and this will take a toll on athletes by the end of the weekend. 

2. The men’s field has just opened up a lot. 

With both Saxon and Spencer Panchik withdrawing, the field is ripe for opportunity to grab that final spot. 

Here’s who we have on our watch list: Lucas Parker, Mitchel Stevenson, and Cedric Lapointe, but we should have a much better idea after four scored events tomorrow. 

3. 400 of 1000 points available on Day 1. 

Due to Event 1’s double scoring opportunity, tomorrow is a big day with 400 points up for grabs. Three hundred of those points are going to be earned outside in the heat. With two-fifths of the points up for grabs in day 1, this is a huge opportunity to create some space. I’m expecting to see some early leaders emerge from the pack.

CrossFit French Throwdown

Alison Scudds | Saxon Panchik | Spencer Panchik | Amanda Goodman

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