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Day 1 Overview

Jun 28, 2019 by

Day 2 events and schedule in your local time zone are listed here.

The point spread

Four hundred points were available for teams today and CrossFit Mayhem Independence went hunting for every single one. With 298 points already, they’re 46 points ahead of Invictus Boston in second. No one has already secured a spot so this is a wide open race where the top team will get the invite.

  1. Mayhem Independence – 298 points
  2. Invictus Boston – 252 points
  3. Team ROMWOD Meat Squad – 226 points


Only 32 points separates first through sixth but remember it’s the invite everyone is after, not necessarily the top of the podium. 

There are three athletes in a strong position to earn that invite (in bold) — Sabrina Caron, Mikaela Norman, and Alice Mille — and these are who I’ll be watching closely on Day 2.

  1. Jacqueline Dahlstrom* – 306 points
  2. Sabrina Caron – 304 points
  3. Eik Gylfadottir* – 294 points
  4. Carrie Beamer* – 286 points
  5. Mikaela Norman – 282 points
  6. Alice Mille – 274 points
  7. Carole Castellani* – 234 points
  8. Emma Tal – 230 points
  9. Elena Carratala Sanahuja – 228 points
    *Already qualified.

Fun Fact: Carrie Beamer ran cross country competitively and was looking forward to events 1 and 2. She also had no idea who Mikaela Norman was until I told her after the event. It was her plan to pace off of her after the paddle board. Beamer ended in second by 2 minutes.

Much More Fun Fact: Mikaela Norman’s time of 45:15 would have been good enough to place 8th among men.


The men’s point spread is significantly wider than the women’s division; 38 points separates first and second while 54 separates first through fifth. I wouldn’t completely write off athletes below seventh but the comeback would have to be significant.

  1. Josh Miller – 322 points
  2. Jonas Muller – 284 points
  3. Willy Georges* – 282 points
  4. Cedric Lapointe – 270 points
  5. Mitchel Stevenson – 268 points
  6. Jonne Koski* – 250 points
  7. Alex Kotoulas – 232 points
    *Already qualified.

The heat…once again.

Day 1 was hot. Day 2 will be much hotter: 96 and sunny.

While there is only event scheduled outside, there is no air conditioning inside the Veledrome Center and things are getting very very warm. I’m sitting in the media pit typing this right now and sweating. 

How athletes recover from a long day in the sun and is going to be a factor. 

CrossFit French Throwdown

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