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French Final Event Scenarios: What You Need to Know

June 30, 2019 by
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Only the top five teams and top 10 individual athletes will advance to the final event. 

Final Event

400m Assault Runner
30 Toes to Bar
8 Alternating DB Ground to Overhead
Time Cap: 6’

M1-F1 Then M2-F2 Waterfall Style
400m Air Runner Each
30 Synchro Toes to Bar
8 DB Alternating Ground to Overhead
Time Cap: 10’

You can view heat times in your local time zone on our event schedule. 

Final Event Point Breakdown

Because the final event cuts the field down, it will be scored differently. This is how placements will be scored for the final event:


  1. 100 points
  2. 80 points
  3. 60 points
  4. 40 points
  5. 20 points


  1. 100 points
  2. 84 points
  3. 68 points
  4. 56 points
  5. 44 points
  6. 32 points
  7. 24 points
  8. 16 points
  9. 8 point
  10. 0 points


Current standings:

  1. Invictus Boston: 792 points (Secured)
  2. Mayhem Independence: 706 points (-86 points)
  3. ROMWOD Meat Squad: 630 points
  4. Nova3 MisFits: 630 points
  5. Team CRSC: 542 points

Even with the new point scoring system, Invictus Boston’s 86 point lead is too much for Mayhem to overcome. If Boston were to place 5th (20 points) and Independence 1st, the final standings would be 1). Invictus – 812 points and 2). Mayhem – 806 points.

While Mayhem can’t win the overall title they can still lose their hold on second place. If either ROMWOD Meat Squad or Nova3 MisFits wins the final event and Mayhem comes in 5th, they’ll end in 3rd or 4th. 


Current standings:

  1. Jacqueline Dahlstrom*: 684 points
  2. Carrie Beamer*: 640 points
  3. Eik Gylfadottir*: 620 points
  4. Sabrina Caron: 600 points
  5. Emma Tall*: 572 points
  6. Mikaela Norman: 570 points (-30 points from Caron)
  7. Anna Viggedal: 524 points (-76 points from Caron)
  8. Melissa Herman: 522 points (-78 points from Caron)
  9. Alice Mille: 504 points
  10. Manon Angonese: 500 points
    *Already qualified to the CrossFit Games.

The race is really between Sabrina Caron and Mikaela Norman, though it is statistically feasible for Anna Viggedal and Elissa Herman to come away with the invite, but very unlikely. Caron and Norman would have to finish at the bottom and one of them would have to win the event. 

Caron has to get 2nd place or better to guarantee an invite. If she doesn’t, then everything depends on where Norman places. 


Current standings:

  1. Willy Georges*: 718 points
  2. Jonne Koski*: 698 points
  3. Josh Miller: 676 points
  4. Mitchel Stevenson: 654 points (-22 points from Miller)
  5. Elliot Simmonds*: 614 points
  6. Hal Fisher: 530 points
  7. Alex Kotoulas: 518 points
  8. Giorgos Karavis: 458 points
  9. Jamie Headon: 448 points
  10. Lucas Parker: 434 points

Josh Miller’s 27th place finish in Event 8 really tightened things up. Finishing first or second guarantees him the invite. Beyond that nothing is secure. With a current spread of 22 points, Miller needs to keep two places between himself and Stevenson.

Both Stevenson and Miller need to place high on the leaderboard and hope there’s enough distance between to create a point gap. 

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