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National Champion’s Injury Opens Door for Argentina

Oct 11, 2019 by

Argentina’s 2019 national champion, Agustín Richelme, announced vía Instagram that he sustained an injury while at Wodland, a local competition in Buenos Aires, leaving the door wide open for the Games spot.  Richelme confirmed to Morning Chalk Up, confirming he’ll be having surgery to repair his torn ligament today (Friday, Oct 11).  

  • Richelme: “While competing last week, I broke my labrum (shoulder) …and have to ongo a surgery in the next days, keeping me away from this season’s Open.” 
  • “I really wanted to do the Open, but it’s been three weeks since I don’t touch a pull bar or perform any upper body movements due to pain.”

The contenders

  • Pablo Haber: (2nd Argentina – 2019) His best finish at last year’s Open was a 14th worldwide in 19.5, placing 5 spots ahead of Richelme. He also competed in BCC, placing 20th.
  • Maxi Arigossi: (4th Argentina – 2019) Two-time Regional athlete and former member of CrossFit Tuluka’s team, Arigossi placed first in his county in 2018, which makes this year a perfect comeback opportunity. 
  • Ivan Gaitán: (8th Argentina – 2019) He was part of the 2017 BIGG CrossFit team that qualified to the CrossFit Games. 
  • Nicolás Bidarte: (10th Argentina – 2018) He decided to skip 2019 Open and went Team on BCC with the Brazilian All Star team “Açai & Granola”. He also was the only Latin American in MACC, placing 15th overall.

One big thing: As a host country of the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge, Argentina has a great opportunity to send up to two male and two female athletes to the 2020 CrossFit Games this season. During the 2018-2019 season, France sent two female athletes after Sabrina Caron earned the second spot at the French Throwdown.


CrossFit Open

Agustin Richelme | Pablo Haber | Ivan Gaitan | Nicolas Bidarte

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