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Collins Confirmed, Multiple Athletes Likely Getting 20.5 Penalties

Nov 27, 2019 by

Four-time CrossFit Games athlete Logan Collins has received a major penalty on 20.5 for “Frequent failure to reach a position of support on top of the rings.” His penalty will result in a 45-second reduction in overall time, knocking him down to 11:44 for the workout from 10:59. Collins is appealing the ruling.

  • Collins is still in a qualification spot sitting in 28th overall.
  • You can watch his full video here.

Worth noting: Collins actually won the 30 muscle-ups for time workout at the 2018 CrossFit Games with a time of 1:46. In that workout, he used a similar muscle-ups style of falling away while locking out the arms. In the second photo below you can see a screenshot of his arms fully locked out while “falling away.”

  • According to the movement standards: “A rep is credited when the elbows are fully locked out in the support position.”

It appears that others are also getting hit with penalties based on changes on the leaderboard, though it’s unclear exactly what the penalties are for. These are still pending official announcement rom CrossFit HQ.

  • Jeffrey Adler
  • Christian Lucero
  • Giorgios Karavis
  • Marquan Jones
  • Piotr Szczycinski
  • PS Savage
  • Jamie Greene
  • Emma McQuaid
  • Grabriela Migala
  • Sabrina Caron
  • Melina Rodriguez
  • Haley Adams
  • Jimena Delamer
  • Emelie Lundberg

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