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Two New Implements And More Cultural References At Sanctioned Events Worldwide

December 7, 2019 by
Source: Pandaland CrossFit Challenge
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Pandaland CrossFit Challenge has become part of a growing trend of sanctioned events adding unique and never-before-seen equipment and movements to CrossFit competition. 

In fact, two of the first three sanctioned events in the 2020 season have now introduced a previously never before seen piece of equipment or movement in official CrossFit competition. Ireland’s Filthy 150 saw the debut of unbroken legless rope climb and the sandbag toss for distance, last month. 

The Stone Lock debuts in China: Pandaland Event Director Eric Zhu was adamant about exposing athletes to traditional Chinese culture with the ancient Chinese Kung-Fu training implement – the Stone Lock – on Day 1. 

Individual Event 2

20 meter barbell overhead walking lunges (165lbs/115lbs)
50 single arm Stone Lock hang clean and jerks (25kg/20kg)
50 box step overs with Stone Lock 
20m handstand walk 
*8 minute time cap 

What the athletes had to say: Many likened the Stone Lock to a mix between the dumbbell and kettlebell. They had very little time to play with the Stone Lock before taking to the floor and the general consensus was using a similar technique to Open workouts where the dumbbell hang clean and jerk and box step overs have appeared in the past. 

Harriet Roberts was the only female athlete to complete the workout in the 8-minute time cap: 

  1. Harriet Roberts (7:11)
  2. Marine Sykes 
  3. Olivia Kelly

Seven of the 11 males completed the workout:

  1. Jacob Heppner (6:35)
  2. Khan Porter (6:41)
  3. Josh Al-chamaa (7:23)

First time for teams on a tandem rower: For the first time in CrossFit competition history, teams were asked to synchronise 1500 meters (in pairs) on the Concept 2 rower using a unique slider apparatus. 

  • Concept 2’s General Manager for China Nick Herbert: “It’s very common in the rowing world … having the slide allows two people to be rowing more similar to what it’d be like in a boat.” 
  • “If your technique is off or you’re not working with your partner, you’re really punished,” he added. 

Team Event 1

In male/female pairs:

Pair 1 completes 1500m synchro row, while pair 2 completes 100 synchro wall balls. 

Then, pair 2 completes 1500m synchro row, while pair 1 completes 100 synchro wall balls 

All athletes then complete 50 synchro burpees over the rower. 

Not one team completed the workout within the 15-minute time cap. 

  1. CrossFit Tirus 
  2. The Athlete Program 
  3. Team Butcher’s Lab 

What the athletes had to say: Every team elected for the female athlete to row at the front, guiding the pace of both athletes. The back monitors were turned off, which male said added an extra mental challenge to the 1500 meter distance. Female athletes conceded it was hard to get a rhythm and at times, it felt like the slider apparatus was moving for them and adding a new level of resistance. 

Homage to Host Nation: While the Stone Lock and tandem rows have never been seen in CrossFit before, Pandaland isn’t the first sanctioned event to pay homage to the host city’s heritage. In fact, there’s a growing trend of cultural references at worldwide sanctioned events and it’s likely we could see more as the 2020 season progresses:

  • Mount Esja climb at Reykjavik CrossFit Championship. 
  • Sand dune runs at Dubai CrossFit Championship. 
  • Beach workouts at Fittest in Cape Town, Down Under CrossFit Championship and Australia CrossFit Championship. 

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