Rory McKernan Joins NOBULL as Media Director

Jan 16, 2020 by

If last weekend’s CrossFit Mayhem Classic had the look, sound and feel of a CrossFit Games broadcast, you can thank one man — Rory McKernan — for bringing together much of the same all-star cast from past Games events. McKernan, who left CrossFit HQ last February, revealed in an interview with Niki Brazier he’s transitioning full time as NOBULL’s new media director.

  • McKernan on being involved with the Mayhem Classic: “This has been a blessing to help friends who are putting on a competition.”
  • On his role with NOBULL: “We formed a fantastic relationship last year and I am coming on full time with them. As soon as (Mayhem Classic) is over it’s full time NOBULL in their media efforts.”
  • On balancing all his travel and responsibilities: “I don’t want to be gone and on the road all the time but it’s nice to have a remote position and choose my shots and decide what I want to do freelance. I don’t have to do anything, I can be more selective.”

One big thing: McKernan has been a leading face of CrossFit’s media landscape for more than a decade now. His wide array of connections and notoriety adds even more star firepower to NOBULL’s talented roster which can only strengthen the brand’s growth in the sport.


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