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VIDEO: A Solid Season Start For Horvath

Feb 6, 2020 by

Morning Chalk Up traveled to Barcelona, Spain for the 2020 Freakest Challenge and caught up with Nike Training athlete Laura Horvath after notching the first Sanctionals win of her career last month in London. Horvath finished as Hungary’s national champion and also 10th in the Open worldwide leaderboard.

On winning her first Sanctional: 

“It was very nice to be on the podium for a change. Last year didn’t really play out how I would have wanted it so it was a good start for 2020.”

Regarding the biggest difference between 2018 Laura and now:

“I was a small girl. Now I know where I’m at what, what I want, what I do. Back then I was just like ‘I love training’ so I was just training 24-7, and that just got me there. I feel like I have to go back to that, lose the expectations and not think about anyone else but me.”

Laura Horvath

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