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CrossFit Games 2020 Age Group Online Qualifier Preview

March 9, 2020 by
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The Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) kicks off later this week running from March 12-16. Traditionally held in May, the AGOQ starts two months earlier now as one of the last changes to be realized from the CrossFit Games season restructuring which started in 2018. There are still just 10 Games spots to be earned out of the 200 athletes eligible to compete in each of the 16 age group divisions.

As observed in the 2019 AGOQ results, top placers in the Open still ended up in most of the 10 qualifying spots. However, it is noted that some top performers and eventual podium athletes, did not do well in the Open and merely did enough to make the Top 200 in their Open age division to qualify for the AGOQ. With the Open placement removed as part of the AGOQ score, it is harder to predict who are the fittest athletes coming into the AGOQ.

Below is a summary of the most notable statistics and rankings of the athletes eligible to compete in the AGOQ. Historically there is around a 75-85% participation rate in the AGOQ of the eligible athletes from the Open across the age divisions. Therefore, there will be some of the athletes mentioned in this analysis that do not compete in the AGOQ.

Masters Age Divisions by the Numbers

In the table below is a breakout of the past Games history of the 200 qualifiers in each division along with the same statistics from 2019 for comparison.

CrossFit Games Career Masters Category Leaders – AGOQ Qualified

Appearances: Lynne Knapman 10 (1st), Ron Ortiz 8 (2nd tie), David Hippensteel 7 (4th tie), Laurie Meschishnick 7 (4th tie), Will Powell 7 (4th tie), Mary Schwing 7 (4th tie)

Championships: Will Powell 3 (4th tie), David Hippensteel 3 (4th tie), Scott Olson 3 (4th tie)

Podiums: Laurie Meschishnick 4 (2nd tie), Will Powell 4 (2nd tie), Ron Ortiz 4 (2nd tie), Scott Olson 4 (2nd tie), Mary Schwing 4 (2nd tie)

Event Wins: Will Powell 12 (4th tie), Ron Ortiz 11 (6th tie), Patty Failla 10 (8th tie), Scott Olson 10 (8th tie), David Hippensteel 8 (11th tie), Laurie Meschishnick 8 (11th tie), Jolaine Undershute 7 (16th tie)

Past Fittest on Earth Qualified for the AGOQ: Samantha Briggs (2013), Graham Holmberg (2010), Kristan Clever (2010), Tanya Wagner (2009)

Past Championship Team Members Qualified for the AGOQ: Nuno Costa (2014), Sonia Cormier (2011), Jessica Core (2010), Nathan Loren (2010)

Both a Masters and Individual and/or Team Podiums: Kyle Kasperbauer (All 3), Samantha Briggs, Rebecca Voigt Miller, Nathan Loren

All-Time Masters AGOQ Event Wins: Patty Failla 7 (2nd), David Hippensteel 6 (3rd tie), Bill Grundler 5 (5th tie), Chris Nelson 5 (5th tie), Giulio Silvino 5 (5th tie)

All-Time Masters Open Workout Wins: Samantha Briggs 12 (1st), David Hippensteel 10 (3rd), Scott Olson 9 (4th), Lidia Beer 8 (5th tie), Bill Grundler 8 (5th tie), Patty Failla 6 (12th)

Masters currently qualified as Individuals for the 2020 CrossFit Games

There are 20 women and 11 men National Champions that are of Masters age. Below is the list that are qualified for the AGOQ.

Women 35-39

Jessica Borg Ghigo (Malta National Champion)
Elma Ducic (Bosnia and Herzegovina National Champion)
Dalya Darwish (Egypt National Champion)
Marisol Umana (Costa Rica National Champion)
Francie Gerber (Namibia National Champion)
Fatima Artola (Nicaragua National Champion)
Tamara Zulim (Croatia National Champion)

* Note: Samantha Briggs is qualified for the Games as an Individual via the Dubai CrossFit Championship. Alethea Boon is qualified for the Games on a Team via the Australian CrossFit Championship.

Women 40-44

Ana C. Caldas (Portugal National Champion)
Carla Nunes da Costa (Angola National Champion)

Women 45-49

Patricia Trujillo (El Salvador National Champion)

Men 35-39

Jason Smith (South Africa National Champion)Julian Serna (Colombia National Champion)

Men 40-44

Giacomo Panigucci (San Marino National Champion)

Men 45-49

Sionn Brinn (Jamaica National Champion)

Rogue Invitational Legends (May 15-17) Qualified for the AGOQ

Dan Bailey, Graham Holmberg, Josh Everett, Samantha Briggs, Kristan Clever, Rebecca Voigt Miller, Christy Adkins, Stacie Tovar, Tanya Wagner

Masters Division Breakdowns

The younger athletes in Masters Age Divisions typically have an advantage. The average age for each Master AGOQ division is near the younger ages. First year athletes in an age division are denoted with an asterisk.

Women 35-39

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Anna Tobias                11th 

2nd         Carleen Mathews        13th

3rd         Rebecca Voigt Miller        2nd 

Notables to Watch


1st        Jimena Delmer: 1x Games Master

2nd        Rebecca Voigt Miller: 10x Games Individual (1 Podium), 2x Games Master

3rd         Kelley Jackson: 2x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member

4th         Alethea Boon: 3x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

9th         Samantha Briggs: 7x Games Individual (2013 Champion), 1x Games Master

11th        Anna Tobias: 5x Games Individual, 2x Games Master, also looking to qualify for 2020 Olympics in Sailing

15th         Delaina Snider: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

16th        Hope Cicero: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

22nd        *Cheryl Nasso: 2x Games Individual

27th         *Lindsay Vaughan: 1x Games Individual

28th         *Jessica Core: 1x Games Individual, 7x Games Team Member (2010 Champion Team)

30th         Sarah Scholl: 2x Games Master

36th         Hjördís Òsk Óskarsdóttir: 4x Games Team Member

71st        *Stacie Tovar: 8x Games Individual

93rd         *Christy Adkins: 7x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member

190th         Kristan Clever: 5x Games Individual (2010 Champion), 1x Games Master

200th         Tanya Wagner: 2x Games Individual (2009 Champion), 1x Games Team Member

Men 35-39

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Nicholas Urankar         2nd 

2nd         Jordan Troyan                22nd 

3rd         Sigurður Þrastarson        4th 

Notables to Watch


1st        Jason Smith: 2x Games Individual

2nd         Nick Urankar: 3x Games Individual, 1x Games Master

3rd         Julian Serna: 1x Games Team Member

4th         Sigurður Þrastarson: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

8th         David Santa Cruz Borgstrand: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

9th         Ryan Woodall: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

13th         Kyle Kasperbauer: 4x Games Individual (1 Podium), 2x Games Team Member (1 Podium), 2x Games Master

15th         Erast Palkin: 2x Games Master

18th        Pierre-Henri Soero: 4x Games Team Member

19th         Michael Laverriere: 2x Games Master

22nd        Jordan Troyan: 2x Games Individual, 1x Games Master

23rd         Arron Bielefeldt: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

24th        Mikko Aronpää: 3x Games Individual

27th         Kevin Longmeier: 2x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

29th         Ben Alderman: 1x Games Master

41st        Michael Mogard: 1x Games Individual

52nd         Guido Trinidad: 1x Games Individual, 1x Games Master

55th        Dan Bailey: 5x Games Individual

64th         *Graham Holmberg: 6x Games Individual (2010 Champion)

Women 40-44

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Joey Kimdon                1st 

2nd         Kelly Friel                7th 

3rd         Deanna Posey                4th 

Notables to Watch


1st        Joey Kimdon: 3x Games Master

2nd         Ana C. Caldas: 1x Games Master

3rd         *Jenn Ryan: 2x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

4th         Deanna Posey: 1x Games Master

5th        Valerie Voboril: 6x Games Individual (2 Podiums)

7th        Kelly Friel: 2x Games Master

11th         *Mayra Brandt: 2x Games Master

13th        Michelle Suozzi: 2x Games Master

14th         Jenna Larson: 3x Games Master

15th         *Michelle Benedict: 1x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member

21st         Melissa Wistrom: 1x Games Team Member, 2x Games Master

27th         Erin Carter: 2x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

54th         Lisa Thiel: 1x Games Individual, 2x Games Team Member

56th         Jill DiGiampaolo: 1x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member

108th         *Leah Polaski: 1x Games Individual, 4x Games Team Member

Men 40-44

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Jason Grubb                27th 

2nd         Richard Vint                86th 

3rd         Caine Hayes                23rd 

Notables to Watch


1st         *Alexandre Jolivet: 3x Games Master

6th        Heath Moody: 1x Games Master

9th        Tony Kurz: 1x Games Master

19th         David Levey: 2x Games Individual, 2x Games Master

21st         Nuno Costa: 8x Games Team Member (2014 Champion Team), 1x Games Master

23rd         Caine Hayes: 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

27th         Jason Grubb: 2x Games Master

59th        Breck Berry: 4x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

72nd        Yurii Hanson: 1x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

84th         Steven Swistak: 3x Games Master

86th         Richard Vint: 1x Games Master

115th         Mike Kern: 3x Games Master

Women 45-49

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Janet Black                        1st 

2nd         Semma Burba                14th 

3rd         Jolaine Undershute        8th 

Notables to Watch


1st         Janet Black: 1x Games Team Member, 6x Games Master

2nd        *Karen McCadam: 5x Games Master

5th        Jennifer Dieter: 5x Games Master

8th         Jolaine Undershute: 5x Games Master

9th        Trina Huarte: 1x Games Team Member, 2x Games Master

11th         Tracey O’Connell: 2x Games Master

12th        Aida Koepplinger: 4x Games Master

13th        Hannah Chominsky: 3x Games Master

14th        Semma Burba: 4x Games Master

18th         Carry Sandoval: 3x Games Master

19th        Stephanie Brennan: 3x Games Master

29th        Merrill Mullis: 1x Games Team Member, 5x Games Master

30th         *April Lowe: 1x Games Team Member, 2x Games Master

47th        *Carey Kepler: 3x Games Individual (1 Podium), 1x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

197th        *Wanda Brenton: 1x Games Individual, 3x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

Men 45-49

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Joel Hughes                12th 

2nd         Justin Lasala                7th

3rd         Chad Augustin                DNS

Notables to Watch


1st         Thomas Gabriel Romero: 1x Games Master

2nd         *Michael Orlov: 1x Games Master

3rd        James Grundler: 4x Games Master

5th        Giulio Silvino: 3x Games Master

7th        Justin Lasala: 3x Games Master

8th         Clint Paddock: 3x Games Master

9th         Bernard Luzi: 3x Games Master

10th        *Sascha Tank: 2x Games Master

11th         *Stacey Adams: 2x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

12th         Joel Hughes: 1x Games Master

15th         *Jeffrey Prejean: 3x Games Master

16th         *Jeb Simmons: 2x Games Master

17th         *Thomas (Dusty) Hyland: 1x Games Master

22nd         Brent Maier: 5x Games Master

36th         *Joshua Everett: 3x Games Individual (2 Podiums)

47th         Robert Davis: 6x Games Master

51st         Nathan Loren: 4x Games Team Member (2010 Champion Team), 3x Games Master

55th         Chris Exarhos: 4x Games Master

105th        Brett Marshall: 2x Games Individual (1 Podium), 1x Games Team Member

Women 50-54

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Jana Slyder                        DNS

2nd         Chris Nelson                6th

3rd         Joyanne Cooper                4th 

Notables to Watch


1st         *Zoe Stewart

2nd         Tia Vesser: 1x Games Master

3rd         Francoise Mahier: 1x Games Master

4th         Joyanne Cooper: 4x Games Master

6th         Chris Nelson: 1x Games Team Member, 2x Games Master

7th         *Tara Blankenship: 1x Games Master

9th         *Erika Benavides: 2x Games Master

10th         Kristi Lunny: 4x Games Master

11th        Marcha Van Glaanen Weijgel: 1x Games Master

14th         Cici Fougere: 1x Games Master

20th         Alexia Fineman: 3x Games Master

23rd        Maricruz Prieto: 2x Games Master

40th         Trisha Beauperthuy: 4x Games Master

45th        *Francine Pehi: 2x Games Master

Men 50-54

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Kevin Koester                DNS

2nd         Gregg Geerdes                53rd 

3rd         Vic McQuaide                10th

Notables to Watch


1st        Bill Grundler: 2x Games Master

2nd         *Steve Hartle: 2x Games Master

3rd         *Scott Jenkins: 2x Games Master

4th         *Kevin Becker: 1x Games Master

5th         Leonardo Wernersbach Lima: 2x Games Master

7th         *Bob Ruano: 4x Games Master

8th        Jeffrey Tincher: 2x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member, 2x Games Master

9th         *Scott Tasaka: 1x Games Team Member, 3x Games Master

10th        Vic McQuaide: 3x Games Master

11th         Charles Russo: 2x Games Master

12th         Stephen King: 3x Games Master

15th         Ron Ortiz: 8x Games Master

24th         *Ben Kelly: 2x Games Team Member, 1x Games Master

28th        Jody Hendrix: 2x Games Master

29th         Matt Beals: 4x Games Master

36th        Mike Egan: 4x Games Master

48th        Dion Walmsley: 2x Games Master

53rd         Gregg Geerdes: 3x Games Master

91st         Marco Casali: 3x Games Master

Women 55-59

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Laurie Meschishnick         1st 

2nd         Linda Elstun                6th 

3rd         April Watkins                10th 

Notables to Watch


1st        Laurie Meschishnick: 7x Games Master, 10 Points in Open

6th         Linda Elstun: 6x Games Master

7th         Judith Tynan: 2x Games Master

9th         Barbara Sessa: 4x Games Master

10th         April Watkins: 2x Games Master

11th         Debbie Downing: 5x Games Master

13th         *Sue Oakman: 3x Games Master

14th         Sue Velott: 6x Games Master

16th         Bianca Williams: 2x Games Master

19th         Yvonne Howard: 1x Games Team Member, 4x Games Master

21st        Colleen Fahey: 5x Games Master

22nd         Kelly Graham: 3x Games Master

27th        Nella Forte: 2x Games Master

32nd         Diane Stuart: 3x Games Master

36th        Donna Eramo: 3x Games Master

38th         Nicolette Dunstone: 3x Games Master

44th         *Gaile Binder: 2x Games Master

Men 55-59

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Joe Ames                19th 

2nd         Ken Idler                7th

3rd         Allen Duarte                4th

Notables to Watch


1st         *Jody Clements: 1x Games Master

4th         Allen Duarte: 4x Games Master

5th         *Abe Cook: 1x Games Master

6th        *Paul McCrary: 3x Games Master

7th        Ken Idler: 5x Games Master

9th         Shannon Aiken: 2x Games Master

11th         Stuart Swanson: 2x Games Master

14th        *Lonnie Ataman: 2x Games Master

19th         Joe Ames: 4x Games Master

20th         *Perry Siplon: 2x Games Master

26th         *Billy Goodson: 2x Games Master

31st         *Chris Podesto: 1x Games Master

37th         *Ken Cutrer: 1x Games Individual, 2x Games Master

43rd         *Freddy Camacho: 2x Games Individual, 1x Games Team Member, 4x Games Master

44th         *Jeff Goebel: 2x Games Master

59th         Francis Wray: 2x Games Master

64th         Robert Boshoven: 4x Games Master

67th         Craig Howard: 2x Games Master

154th        Tony Kubitschek: 4x Games Master

Women 60+

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Susan Clarke                DNS

2nd         Patricia McGill                1st

3rd         Pauline Sciascia        2nd 

Notables to Watch


1st         Patricia McGill: 1x Games Master, 10 Points in Open

2nd         Pauline Sciascia: 2x Games Master

3rd         *Lynne Knapman: 10x Games Master

4th        Patty Failla: 5x Games Master

6th         Debby Cook: 3x Games Master

7th         *Donna Bruce: 4x Games Master

8th         Diana Flynn: 4x Games Master

9th         *Pam Kusar: 3x Games Master

10th        *Heidi Fish: 6x Games Master

11th         Julie Holt: 3x Games Master

15th        April Kitagawa: 4x Games Master

20th         Elizabeth Cole: 3x Games Master

22nd         Carol Lynn Thistle: 3x Games Master

28th        Marcia Yager: 2x Games Master

29th         Jen Stagg: 3x Games Master

36th         Sue Lawson: 1x Games Master

36th        Lidia Beer: 6x Games Master

39th         *Jo Marley: 2x Games Master

46th        Martha Redinger: 4x Games Master

48th         Page Lockhart: 5x Games Master

56th        Mary Schwing: 7x Games Master

Men 60+

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Gord Mackinnon                DNS

2nd         Dan Brannagan                DNS

3rd         Carl Giuffre                        3rd 

Notables to Watch


1st         *Will Powell: 7x Games Master

2nd         *David Gantz: 4x Games Master

3rd         Carl Giuffre: 1x Games Master

4th        *Timothy Vivian: 2x Games Master

7th        *Gavin Tullos: 2x Games Master

13th        Cal Cherrington: 2x Games Master

17th         Donald King: 2x Games Master

18th         David Hippensteel: 7x Games Master

23rd         *Lars Boss Thomsen: 1x Games Master

27th         Marco Arredondo: 3x Games Master

31st         Michael Brown: 2x Games Master

33rd         John Mariotti: 3x Games Master

44th         Scott Olson: 6x Games Master

52nd         Clarke Holland: 6x Games Master

53rd         Stephen Angove: 5x Games Master

55th         *Larry Silber: 2x Games Master

65th        Clayton Corwin: 2x Games Master

81st         *Dewayne Sapp: 3x Games Master

139th         *Paul Flores: 2x Games Master

167th        Charles Sullivan: 6x Games Master

“65+ Age Divisions”

The oldest woman to qualify for the AGOQ is Ina Koolhaas Revers at the age of 72. For the oldest men, Clarke Holland and Tom Lazear are 68. Note that Scott Olson will also be 68 at the time of the 2020 CrossFit Games.

There were 17 women and 13 men that will be 65 years old or older for the Games cutoff age this season who also qualified for the 60+ AGOQ. In 2019, there were 19 women and 17 men. In 2018, there were 22 women and 13 men.

Among these 65+ athletes are former Masters Champions (Scott Olson and Mary Schwing) and many past multi-Games Masters. These athletes make a strong argument to create a 60-64 Masters Division and add a 65+ Division.

Teenagers Age Divisions by the Numbers

In the table below is a breakout of the past Games history of the 200 qualifiers in each division along with the same statistics from 2019 for comparison.

CrossFit Games Career Teenagers Category Leaders – AGOQ Qualified

Appearances: Tudor Magda 3 (3rd tie), Lea Malo 3 (3rd tie)

Championships: Tudor Magda 1 (6th tie), Oliva Sulek 1 (6th tie), David Bradley 1 (6th tie), Emma Cary 1 (6th tie)

Podiums: Tudor Magda 2 (7th tie), Paige Powers 2 (7th tie)

Event Wins: Emma Cary 4 (9th tie), Gigi Sabatini 3 (12th tie), David Bradley 2 (15th tie), Olivia Sulek 2 (15th tie), Paige Powers 2 (15th tie), Brynjar Ari Magnússon 2 (15th tie), Tudor Magda 2 (15th tie), Lee Malo 2 (15th tie), Amato Mazzocca 2 (15th tie), Jack Laker 2 (15th tie)

All-Time Teenager AGOQ Event Wins: Tudor Magda 4 (3rd), Amato Mazzocca 3 (4th tie), Emma Cary 3 (4th tie), Olivia Sulek 3 (4th tie)

All-Time Teenager Open Workout Wins: Emma Cary 6 (2nd), Tudor Magda 5 (3rd), Emma Lawson 4 (4th tie), Paige Powers 3 (7th tie), Olivia Sulek 2 (10th tie), Jack Laker 2 (10th tie), Gigi Sabatini 2 (10th tie), David Bradley 2 (10th tie), Rökkvi Guðnason 2 (10th tie)

Teenager Division Breakdowns

Opposite of the Masters, the younger athletes in Teenager Age Divisions typically have a disadvantage. The average age for each AGOQ division is near the older ages. First year athletes in an age division are denoted with an asterisk.

Girls 14-15

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Emma Cary                2nd (16-17) Aged-Up

2nd         Gigi Sabatini                4th (16-17) Aged-Up

3rd         Emma Lawson                1st

Notables to Watch


1st        Emma Lawson: 1x Games Teenager, 9 Points in Open

2nd         *Trista Smith

3rd         Sophia Shaft: 1x Games Teenager

Boys 14-15

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         David Bradley                        10th (16-17) Aged-Up        

2nd         Amato Mazzocca                18th (16-17) Aged-Up

3rd         Brynjar Ari Magnússon        15th (16-17) Aged-Up

Notables to Watch


1st        Rökkvi Guðnason

2nd         Elijah Subiono

3rd        Isaac Kime

Girls 16-17

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st         Chloe Smith                Aged-Out

2nd         Sophia Grimmer        Aged-Out

3rd         Paige Powers                3rd 

Notables to Watch


1st         *Olivia Sulek: 2x Games Teenager, 10 Points in Open

2nd         *Emma Cary: 1x Games Teenager

3rd         Paige Powers: 2x Games Teenager

4th         *Gigi Sabatini: 2x Games Teenager

5th         *Paulina Haro: 2x Games Teenager

6th         Lexi Neely: 1x Games Teenager

9th         Lilly Rodriguez: 1x Games Teenager

10th         Lea Malo: 3x Games Teenager

10th        Nina Ladvenicova: 2x Games Teenager

12th         *Chloe Honaker: 1x Games Teenager

13th        *Claire Doty: 1x Games Teenager

17th         Hanna Mrochuk: 1x Games Teenager

23rd         Emma Spath: 1x Games Teenager

32nd         Birta Líf Þórarinsdóttir: 1x Games Teenager

34th        *Josefin Andersson: 1x Games Teenager

51st        Tori Gallegos: 1x Games Teenager

87th         Olivia Villasenor: 1x Games Teenager

Boys 16-17

CFG19 Podium                         Open

1st        Dallin Pepper                Aged-Out        

2nd         Matúš Kočar                Aged-Out

3rd         Tudor Magda                1st 

Notables to Watch


1st         Jack Laker: 1x Games Teenager

2nd        Tudor Magda: 3x Games Teenager

5th        Anthony Re: 1x Games Teenager

6th         Juan Rodriguez: 1x Games Teenager

10th        *David Bradley: 1x Games Teenager

12th         Rees Cooksy: 1x Games Teenager

13th        Cole Martinez: 2x Games Teenager

15th         *Brynjar Ari Magnússon: 2x Games Teenager

16th        *Elias Simbürger: 1x Games Teenager

18th         *Amato Mazzocca: 2x Games Teenager

19th        Mario Marquez: 1x Games Teenager

20th         Braden Groeneveld: 1x Games Teenager

22nd         *Azariah Price: 1x Games Teenager

26th         *Alex Blazo: 1x Games Teenager

40th         Nolan Pedrick: 2x Games Teenager

104th        *William Stupart: 1x Games Teenager

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