HQ on Coronavirus: “Profound Uncertainty About The Future”

March 16, 2020 by
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CrossFit affiliates worldwide have been issued a letter from HQ about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

We’ve been in touch with many affiliate owners uncertain about their financial future, most under strict government mandate to close their doors as the pandemic continues to escalate.

In the email issued on March 16, CrossFit Inc. addressed the Coronavirus crisis at hand:

  • “Affiliate doors have closed and are closing around the world in response to instructions from their governments in the face of growing health concerns. We recognize that many members of our global community face profound uncertainty about the future,” the email read.

This comes off the back of HQ announcing it’d suspend affiliate payments in areas where governments have barred them from opening. But HQ also addressed those who have chosen to close as a precaution.

  • It is — as it has always been — CrossFit, Inc.’s policy to entrust our affiliates with independence in their business practices. While all affiliates are expected to follow official health regulations, we also trust that each affiliate possesses the optimal vantage point from which to determine the best means of serving its members when official guidance is unclear, whether through keeping the doors open or closing them for the time being.”
  • The email continued: “As always, we encourage all our affiliates to exercise prudence and thoughtfulness, along with the leadership…Many affiliates have already found alternative means to provide at-home workouts and maintain the vital social bond between their members. It is deeply heartening to see our community finding solutions to support one another and maintain connection.”

We’re also keeping tabs on gyms and businesses offering at-home programming – you can check out what’s on offer here.

  • “While this is a time of significant change and uncertainty, the strength of the CrossFit community remains certain, as does CrossFit, Inc.’s commitment to supporting its affiliates in their work on the frontlines of disease and health,” the email read.

Affiliate owners are encouraged to reach out to HQ with any concerns as the situation develops: [email protected]. 

If your gym has been closed or plans to close as a result of the coronavirus, please let us know.

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