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Why CrossFit Should Provide Affiliate Owners More Guidance

North Carolina Affiliate Offers Virtual Education Solution and CrossFit Kids Classes

Closures, Revenue Loss, Pay Cuts, Layoffs: New Research Reveals COVID-19’s Impact on 6,000 Gyms


An Economist’s Perspective: Long-Term Challenges Facing CrossFit’s Financial Growth (OPINION)


How Two Gym Owners Handled COVID-19 Outbreaks

New Two Brain Business Data Reveals 69 Percent of CrossFit Gyms Profitable, Median Coach Pay $24,000

Becky Clements Starts CrossFit Fearing COVID-19, Puts Diabetes Into Remission in Six Months


Pandemic Loss, Divorce and Depression: Why Dameka Quimby is Fighting to Keep her Gym


You Can’t Outwork a Bad Diet: Long-Time CrossFitter Josh Mintz Fixes Nutrition, Recruits Son and Loses 40 Pounds

German Gym Owner Surveys Affiliates, Finds Little Evidence of COVID Spread

COVID Second Wave a Mixed Bag, Gym Owners Report


Canadian Doctor Asks Pandemic Policymakers to Stop Seeing Fitness as “Recreational”


Court Rules New York Gyms’ 25% Capacity Restriction “Arbitrary and Capricious,” Allows Athletes Unleashed Full Reopening


2020 Games Athlete Pete Shaw Urges Government to See Fitness as Integral in Fight Against COVID-19

Exposed Daily to COVID, How Canada’s Emily Rolfe Adapted Her Fitness on the Frontlines

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