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Spartan Race To Support Gyms Worldwide

Apr 14, 2020 by

All I remember was I couldn’t breathe, swam in 40-degree water, didn’t fail a single obstacle, met some cool folks. And now I have the worst Fran cough of my life.”

If that comment from Jacob Heppner — after taking part in the Spartan Race World Championships — didn’t spark your interest, organizers have now given CrossFitters a million more reasons to give obstacle racing a try.

Spartan is the latest organization to assist gyms struggling during the coronavirus pandemic with its Gym Protection Project (GPP) which will give away one million free races, to any gym member continuing to pay fees, despite mandated closures.

  • In a statement, the Spartan Team said: “Our goal at Spartan is to support you, your fitness business and your members by enhancing the value that you already provide, as well as, re-connect the culture you have worked so hard to create.”
  • “No gimmicks. No costs. This is simply our way of providing support for our passionate and purposeful friends doing everything possible to change lives through fitness,” the statement said.

The Spartan franchise has also been hit hard by COVID-19 with CEO Joe De Sena revealing 75 percent of staff have been placed on furlough leave.

  • He addressed the issue on Youtube, also announcing the brand’s COVID-19 policy to give racers a free entry for any race in 2020 that had to be moved or canceled.
  • “Everyone’s feeling it but that said, I’ve got to be proud of our team, everyone’s leaning in…There’s going to be a lot of companies that don’t come back,” he said.
  • That’s why the Spartan CEO is launching the GPP, for other brands and businesses in the industry in a similar situation.

How it works:

  • Anyone still paying fees to their gym or affiliate is eligible to enter any Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or DEKAFIT event in the 2020/2021 race season, free of charge. Most races usually cost upward of $100 USD.
  • To start the process, check out the Spartan Gym Protection Project online. It can take up to a week to get verified and athletes must register by June 6.

Other initiatives by the company:

  • Spartan Nutrition is also offering to split profits 50/50 with gyms seeking to partner and promote its products.
  • It’s also offering its DEKAFIT licensing — valued at $1000 — free of charge to connect gym owners with other fitness leaders, new programs and business education.
  • You can contact [email protected] for more information on both programs.

If your gym is struggling due to a state-mandated closure, please report it in this survey.

If your gym is permanently closed, please let us know.

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