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Castro Addresses Games Questions, Teases Regionals and Open Changes

Jun 25, 2020 by

During his routine Instagram live on Thursday, Dave Castro announced several potential adjustments to the CrossFit Games season and addressed questions surrounding the summer event. The new updates come the day after news broke of the sale of CrossFit, Inc. to Eric Roza.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Open: Castro said that there will be no Open announcements, at least he will no longer be announcing them.
  • His role with CrossFit: “I’m still here.”
  • When the 2020 Games will happen: “Maybe September.” He would later confirm that September 14-20 would be the earliest potential date for the Games in an afternoon tweet following a call with qualifying athletes.
  • If Regionals would return: “I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. Lots of decisions to make.”
  • Athlete boycott: Castro stated that all athletes who publicly declined their Games invitation will get an opportunity to compete if they change their mind.
  • On the Games backfill process: Castro addressed that due to travel restrictions that he would more than likely have to fill some spots through backfills. He expressed his confidence in the backfill athletes and that they would be up for the challenge to compete at the Games.

CrossFit Games

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