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17-Year Old Tyler Friese Sets New Mark for 24-hour “Murph”

Jul 15, 2020 by

It didn’t take long for the world record for total number of “Murphs” completed in a 24-hour period to be broken. Last week, 17-year old Tyler Friese took on the challenge and finished 16.75 rounds of the iconic workout, setting the new standard to beat.

The bottom line: Lee Davis set the unofficial mark of 16 rounds of “Murph” on Memorial Day and it stood for almost a month and a half before Friese broke it.

  • Friese started his record-breaking attempt at 8:00 am CST on Sunday, June 5 and stopped at 8:00 am Monday, June 6 a mile run short of completing 17 full rounds.
  • Friese accomplished his record-breaking feat at FUEL Fitness in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with fellow gym members joining him throughout the 24 hour period.
  • Friese also started a GoFundMe to accompany his performance with a goal of raising $1,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation in honor of Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy.
  • To date, Friese was halfway to his goal.
  • “Murph” is named after Lieutenant Murphy who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.  Murph is a commemorative workout done by athletes around the world every year on Memorial Day.
  • The record-breaking performance garnered national attention after ESPN’s SportCenter highlighted his accomplishment.

Inside the numbers:

  • Friese completed all 16 rounds of “Murph” under one hour each, averaging 51 minutes per round.
  • In all Friese ran 33 miles, did 1,700 pull-ups, 3,400 push-ups and 5,100 air squats finishing his final air squat right before the 24 hour time cap.

Preparing for the record: Friese in an Instagram post said he did “little to nothing to train for it,” the most he trained was doing a double “Murph” three weeks prior to setting the record.

  • Friese credited Josh Bridges’ Training Program for preparing him for the feat. Bridges is a retired Navy SEAL and has developed a 4-in-1 training program for military, strength, fitness and competition.
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