PushPress Goes Above and Beyond for Gym Owners During COVID

November 22, 2020 by
Courtesy of Spry Society Academy of Fitness
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The moment COVID-19 hit, PushPress, the popular gym management software company, quickly pivoted their entire team to focus on helping gyms survive the pandemic. Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by gym owners who use their software.

  • “PushPress reached out to me personally after seeing my Facebook post about being shut down a second time and waived my software fee for 2020,” said Dr. Alli Cain, the owner of ANCHOR Health and Fitness Centre.
  • “They helped get the cash flow running again (after another company froze his payments) and that has saved my gym from an even more difficult time,” said Morten Lambek, the owner of SPS Gym in Oakland, CA.  
  • PushPress has been “a godsend,” said Reynaldo Rodriguez, the owner of Dominion MMA in San Antonio, TX, who received a $500 grant from PushPress. “The grant came in at the right time. We used it to help families that needed help during COVID,” he added.
  • “Their team produced a ton of content and value helping gym owners navigate the various relief funds and applications. Without them I would’ve been up shit creek trying to deal with that at a time that felt the world was ending,” said Troy Aguila, the owner of Spry Society Academy of Fitness in Culver Creek, CA. “They went above and beyond,” he added. 

There’s more: PushPress also devoted significant time to working with their wide network of gyms to figure out best business practices for operating a gym in the face of a pandemic. “This was a winning recipe for countless gym owners, as we were also able to put the vast amounts of data we have in helping gym owners make better decisions,” said PushPress CEO Nick Reyes.

  • In recent months, PushPress has hosted various seminars, including one with industry leader Nicole Aucoin from Healthy Steps Nutrition about how to pivot into nutrition coaching to help your business. More recently, they held a roundtable with NCFIT owner Jason Khalipa about getting through the second wave of COVID. “You can expect more of this type of content,” Reyes said. 
  • They also gave out 50 cash grants to 50 gym owners, money that came directly from their own bank account
  • PushPress is about to launch Black Friday Deals to gym owners looking for financial relief during the second wave of the pandemic.

The bottomline: Throughout the pandemic, various companies within the fitness ecosystem have stepped up to help community gyms and PushPress is a good example. As the lockdowns and restrictions stretch into their ninth month soon, and a second wave of regulations are put in place, many gym owners will continue to rely on help from industry partners to stay afloat.

  • “We know our clients need quicker and better support than ever,” Reyes said. “So we refuse to let COVID be an excuse for delivering substandard support to an industry in need.”

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