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New Verse, Same as the First: Reversion to Old Games Schedule, Reduction of Number of Competition Venues, Both Set Up For Increased Accessibility to Age Group Divisions for Fans

June 1, 2021 by
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There are two important updates to what the week of the 2021 CrossFit Games will look like, both of which are representative of CrossFit’s continuing effort this year to make the sport more inclusive and rewarding for the community as a whole. 

Only Two Arenas for Competition

Remind Me: Since moving the Games to Madison in 2017, there have been at least three “areas” dedicated to competition. One of those has been the Age Group Pavilion; a separate and distinct arena for the Masters and Teenage athletes to compete.

Prior to the relocation, Masters and Teenagers, Teams and Individuals, all competed at the same venues, in Carson those were the Soccer and Tennis Stadiums. CrossFit was able to accommodate the lack of space and extra competition floors by having certain divisions start earlier in the week (more on that below.

This year at Madison there will, for the first time in Madison’s Games history, only be two locations for competition: North Park and the Coliseum. This means all divisions will get to compete on the same competition floors. It also means there will be more eyes on the Masters and Teenage athletes, something they most definitely deserve.

Reversion to the Old Games Schedule

The 2021 CrossFit Games appear to be taking on something scheduling-wise that is very similar to what we used to have prior to 2017. 

Adaptive divisions, Masters divisions, and Teenage divisions will compete over three days, starting on Tuesday,July 27 and finishing on Thursday, July 29. 

Teams will compete over the course of four consecutive days, starting on Thursday July 29 and finishing on Sunday August 1. 

Individuals in the elite division will start their competition on Wednesday July 28, have a day off on Thursday, and then compete Friday, Saturday, and Sunday giving them four days of competition with one off day (a format we’ve seen on a couple different occasions previously).

Spectators and Athlete Check-In: 

Spectators will be welcomed on site starting on Tuesday, and can therefore watch all divisions compete throughout the week should they so desire.

There are staggered check-in days depending on what division you’re competing in which should make that process much more streamlined for all athletes as well. 

  • Adaptive, Masters, and Teen athletes have July 24 and 25 available as check in days.
  • Individuals will check in on Monday July 26. 
  • Teams will check in on Tuesday July 27. 

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