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CrossFit Photographers Share Their Favorite Images from the 2022 Games

August 28, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Sarah Dugan @sarah_marie_dugan
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Photography documents a moment in time; a photo encapsulates the emotion, environment, and energy of its subject into one single unmoving image that will live forever. Each of the images below were captured during a Midwest August week at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, displaying the congregation of the Fittest Athletes on Earth from countless perspectives.

The images seen here were submitted by photographers and creators with as much passion and dedication to their craft as the athletes being displayed. Take your time, enjoy, and as always, show these photographers some love with a follow, share, or hire through the Instagram profiles linked next to each image.

The Capitol | Madison, WI

By Herculus Media

Coliseum | Alliant Energy Center

By TJ Danenza

“Stand the f#@! up!” | Coach Sam Briggs

By John Murphy

“The Director” | Adrian Bozman

By Dylan Shoemaker

Amy Bream | North Park, Carrying Karen

By Mauro Pedraza

“Pushing Through Pain” | Tia-Clair Toomey

By Erin Murphy

“A rare opportunity to see the champ in pain.”

“Fast Sager” | Cole Sager

By Patrick Quinn-Paquet

The Men of Mayhem Freedom | Coliseum, Pegs & P-Bars

By Enrique Villaseñor

“Force Majeure” | Rebecca Fuselier

By Nathan Head

Gabriela Migała | North Park

By Joseph Somakian

“Welcome to the Upside Down” | Rich Froning, Jr.

By Carlos Bown

“Hard Heat” | Henrik Haapalainen

By Lasse Lindqvist

“DBE” | Danielle Brandon

By Olivia Dagostino

“Drip Drop” | Gui Malheiros

By Carlos Bown

Roman Khrennikov | Rinse ‘N’ Repeat

By Patrick Clark

“Most fans, and even athletes, at the Games had never seen Roman Khrennikov compete live. Khrennikov stole the show with his event win in the pool, quieting any remaining doubts of his place as one of the Fittest Men on Earth.”

Emily Rolfe | Bike to Work

By Ava Kitzi

“I didn’t know what I was capturing when I took this picture, but after Emily used it to announce her emergency surgery and withdraw from competition, it instantly gained more meaning.”

Olivia Kerstetter | North Park, Three Ways Down

By Alex Trobough

Dallin Pepper | North Park, Up and Over

By Jordan Levin

“Dallin worked tirelessly all week to make a push for top 10. He had fire in his eyes, figuratively and literally in this shot.”

“Focused” | Justin Lasala

By Chris Andrews

The Future is Now | Mallory O’Brien, Emma Lawson, Haley Adams

By Ava Kitzi

“Poised to kick off the final event of Day 1, all top three athletes are teen division alumni. As a teen myself, and someone who covers a lot of teen competition, this gave me chills.”

“Hebrews 12:1” | Arielle Loewen

By Corey Ransberg

“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,”

“Foot Chase” | Haley Adams and Tia-Clair Toomey

By John Murphy

“Surveying” | Kelsey Kiel, CrossFit OBA

By Tiffany Ammerman

Laura Horvath | North Park

By Joseph Somakian

Solveig (Sola) Sigurdardottir | North Park, Up and Over

By Alex Sroka

“Cool Off” | Christian Harris, MFLH

By Javier Silverio

“Leading the Pack” | Justin Medeiros

By Dylan Shoemaker

“Here, only Justin looks to what lies ahead, hungry for the win. “

Emma Lawson | North Park

By Alex Sroka

“I love the composition of this photo.”

Noah Ohlsen | North Park

By Bruce Williams

Annah Belisle | North Park, Three Ways Down

By Sarah Dugan

“As Annah (Girls 14-15) climbed the rope during her first workout, I instantly saw this image in my head: black and white, silhouette, with the distinctive Coliseum roof in the background.  Annah was there to compete – for the very first time, in person, ever – and she was going to make sure she was seen.”

Timothy Paulson | Bike to Work

By Patrick Quinn-Paquet

Gui Malheiros | Coliseum, Sandbag Ladder

By Richard Veytsman

Brent Fikowski | Sandbag Ladder

By Sarah Dugan

“It was so surprising to see Brent – ‘The Professor’ – who is usually so calculated, so precise, become more and more celebratory with each successful lift of those heavy sandbags.  To see him whoop and fist pump was really exciting to watch.”

Jacqueline Dahlstrøm | Coliseum, Sandbag Ladder

By Vicki McLeod

Kara and Scotti Saunders | Coliseum, Jackie Pro

By Patrick Clark

“Scotti Saunders greeted mom with a hug at the finish line of the final event ‘Jackie Pro’. Kara may not have finished on the podium but she will go home with something worth more than any medal or prize purse.”

“Comeback Complete” | Brooke Wells

By Jordan Levin

“Brooke showed a ton of grit and determination all week and finished as the 5th Fittest Woman on Earth.”

“Legacy” | Rich Froning Jr. and Rich “Trice” Froning III

By Dave Risdon

Adrian Bozman | Coliseum, Award Ceremony

By Justin Tamane

“Boz watches the Award Ceremony from his perch on the rig”

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