Vibrating Jump Rope? Kickstarter Campaign Looks to Get Product Off the Floor

October 10, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Raynolse
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A new jump rope is about to enter the fitness industry with the goal of shaking up cardio workouts. Raynolse is launching a Kickstarter campaign in October for a line of jump ropes that track single-unders and double-unders through vibrations in the handle. 

How it works: There are four non-contact magnetic hall sensors built into the handles, which track the spins during jump rope workouts. The handles then vibrate with different patterns while tracking single-unders, double-unders, and battery life simultaneously. 

  • A 0.1-second vibration represents 10 completed single-unders. A 0.2-second vibration immediately followed by a 0.4-second vibration represents 10 completed double-unders. 
  • Along with the 10-rep increments, the handles also vibrate at 100 single-unders and 1,000 single-unders. A 0.5-second vibration represents 100 completed reps while two separate 0.5-second vibrations represent 1,000 reps. 

The handles, which come with universal cable connectors and feature 90-degree dual bearings, will work with a variety of ropes based on the desired workout. They have a standard two-millimeter cable out of the box, but they also support three-millimeter coated cables and five-millimeter PVC cables. 

  • The handles are constructed out of anodized aluminum, and they are built to withstand significant impacts. They have Bluetooth built-in, as well as a USB-C charging port built into the bottom of one. One hour of charging will provide an estimated 12 hours of use.  
  • There are a variety of grip options that Raynolse could have used. The company opted for a diamond knurled pattern modeled after the grips on dumbbells, to keep them from slipping out of hand due to sweat. 

Connecting and tracking: Vibrating handles track the reps during workouts, but that is only part of the equation. The other is compiling the data. Raynolse currently has an app in Beta that will be available for Kickstarter supporters. 

  • The app provides three main workout options – count up to a set goal, count down from the set goal, and time attack. This third option focuses on the number of completed reps in a set time period. 
  • The app tracks calories burned, single-unders, double-unders, missed reps, and rest time during a set workout. These statistics will be available to compare against a history of workouts. 

The cost: There are multiple “backer rewards” for those interested in the Raynolse jump ropes. They range from $59 to $165 based on the timing of the pledge and the number of packs ordered. There are also add-on packs featuring multiple cables for $25. 

  • None of the backers will be charged until the campaign is fully funded. The campaign is set to end in November 2022 with a set ship date of February 2023. 

Why this matters: Jump ropes are a key part of the fitness industry, regardless of training style. CrossFit, in particular, has used double-unders in hundreds – and possibly – thousands of workouts. The Skill Speed Medley from the 2022 CrossFit Games is only one prominent example. 

Keeping track of completed reps is not a simple task for many members of the community, a list that includes certain contributors at Morning Chalk Up. Vibrating jump rope handles provide a quick and easy way to track movements while the app helps users focus on making progress over time.

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