Shredded & Threaded On a Mission to Help Fitness Enthusiasts Build Their Wardrobes

December 15, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Gleb Budilovsky
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There is a common problem among athletes, CrossFitters, and fitness enthusiasts. It’s difficult to find clothes that fit, especially for those with bigger legs. Enter Shredded & Threaded, a company that helps men – and women in the future – with athletic builds find clothes for any occasion. 

One big thing: The man behind Shredded & Threaded is Andrew Veneziano, a Boston-based realtor and CF-L2 Trainer. Veneziano grew up playing hockey, so he struggled to find game-day fits that would accommodate his athletic build and bigger legs.

  • This issue of finding clothes continued into adulthood as Veneziano discovered CrossFit and began putting in even more work. It reached a tipping point. A salesperson told Veneziano that maybe he should work out less due to the size of his legs. 
  • “I said, ‘Absolutely not. There’s no way. My body is going to do what it does,’” Veneziano explained. “‘I enjoy working out. It’s like my Zen time, it’s my time with my friends, it’s healthy for me, it’s good for me, and I love doing it. And I’m not going to regulate how much I work out or how my body changes so I can fit into clothes. There’s got to be a better way.’” 

Veneziano hated fashion for much of his life. Once he had this interaction at the clothing store, he needed to change his approach. He had to seek out clothing brands that would fit his body, or he needed to build relationships with tailors. This process eventually led to a passion for fashion and an appreciation for outfits that would stand the test of time.  

One important detail: “Athletic build” is technically someone that is of average height whose chest is at least eight inches bigger than their waist. However, there are numerous other types of athletic builds that have the same problems with clothes.

  • An Olympic rower will have a different body type than a former NFL lineman, but they are both athletic. Similarly, an everyday person who does CrossFit five times a week can also have an athletic build.
  • The purpose of Shredded & Threaded is to accommodate those from an athletic background, as well as those that may just be starting to make changes so that they can lose weight or build muscle.

Multiple services: Shredded & Threaded has been around since late 2019, but it has evolved over time as Veneziano has examined ways that he can help people with similar issues. Now he offers multiple services based on what his clients need. 

  • The Event and Trip Consultation can help take the stress away from important occasions. Need a suit for a wedding or business trip? Veneziano can help find the right option or options based on each specific need.
  • The Personal Shopping Service is for those that need to shake up their wardrobe. Veneziano will discuss the needs of his client, and then he will set aside options at the store based on a variety of factors. There are multiple tiers based on the budgets of each client.
  • Finally, there is the Closet Audit. This service is for those that have tons of clothing options but don’t know how to put them together. Veneziano helps determine which items work the best together while building a more cohesive wardrobe. 

“The closet audit is a great place to start,” Veneziano explained. “I don’t want to go shopping for someone, have them get a bunch of clothes if they [don’t] need it. And then it’s like, ‘How do I put this together in a wardrobe?’ So that’s the thing. I want it to be cohesive, easy, and simple. 

“I know some people who like the uniform thing, they have a lot of the same thing. you hear like the Mark Zuckerbergs, like, oh, it’s a black t-shirt and jeans. They don’t have to think about it. Well, if you build a cohesive wardrobe from the start – yeah, it’s going to take some thought in the beginning. But again, if you can build that modern wardrobe I was talking about where you can go from day to evening, casual to formal, and you can mix and match, then you really don’t have to think about it.”

Less can be more: Working with a stylist could immediately create concerns about expanded clothing budgets. Veneziano wants to shut that line of thinking down. Yes, there may be new purchases, but he isn’t going to recommend buying a new suit for every day of the week. He will focus on ways to fit each specific client and their body type. 

  • “I wear a suit 90% of the time when I’m in meetings or with clients,” Veneziano said. “So like, three-four days a week, I’m in a suit. I only own a few because you can mix and match shirts, you can mix and match ties. 
  • “You have like three suits, six shirts, and like four ties, you’re gonna get a ton of different outfits and different combinations from that.”

One fitting example is Max Isaak, the co-founder and co-owner of CrossFit TILT. He has worked with Veneziano multiple times to improve his wardrobe. The first time was for his wedding. He needed a suit that would make him look good and feel good on an extremely important day. 

They were able to achieve this goal without going the standard tuxedo route. Isaak then sought out Veneziano once again to help him build a winter wardrobe with boots, sweaters, and jeans. Though this session wasn’t a simple, “Wear this” situation. Veneziano had Isaak pick out some colors and fabrics that he liked and then they worked together to build out some outfits. 

Isaak: “I’ve been a CrossFit Coach for over a decade and have the sweatpants, sweatshirts, and training shoes to prove it. Unfortunately, you can’t wear sweats and tees to every occasion…I know, this was news to me.

“Thank God for Andy and his company Shredded and Threaded! Andy not only dressed me for my wedding and helped me revamp my wardrobe but explained some of the nuances and things I should be looking for moving forward when picking out clothes for myself. Andy is a coach at heart and it shows. He cares, explains the why, and is patient.”

A work in progress: Veneziano has helped multiple people work on their wardrobes so far while pointing out how brands like Bonobos are starting to create better clothing options, but this is only a start. He has more plans for the future.  

  • The biggest item on Veneziano’s agenda is adding a women’s stylist. He has previously worked with female athletes while highlighting specific outfits, but he also recognizes that he can provide better help by bringing in an expert who can work with the women at his gym and others wanting to build cohesive wardrobes. 
  • “The next big thing I would love to do is to find a female stylist. I don’t know enough. I’m going to admit what I don’t know. I’m not a huge streetwear guy, and I don’t know a ton about women’s fashion. So I would love to bring on someone who does and can offer that to women who are going through the same thing as well.”

Veneziano has multiple other goals for Shredded & Threaded. Being able to travel to different locations to provide support is up there. Though he can work over Zoom and still help those who aren’t located in the Northeast. He also would like to ultimately work with some brands to help them develop clothes that better fit the athletic body type. 

For now, he will continue to focus on helping those with an athletic body find better clothing options. His goal is to help people look and feel their best on a daily basis without having to make sacrifices in the gym, and he will continue to pursue it with considerable dedication.

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