Doing the Open But Worried About A Nagging Injury? Kineon’s New Red Light Therapy Device Can Help

February 16, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Kineon
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Athletes of all levels, especially crossfitters, are oftentimes seeking out new innovations to ramp up recovery and heal quickly from an injury. A new technology from Kineon called ‘The MOVE+ LED & Laser’ is used by some of the top CrossFit athletes in the field and is now available to purchase. 

The device is painless and non-invasive using enhanced light therapy that is specially engineered to enhance movement and relieve joint pain. It can be used for injuries all over the body, including the knees, back, shoulders, ankles, among others. 

Travis Mayer, an eight-times CrossFit Games athlete, says he spends 6-8 hours inside of the gym and is always looking for ways to recover. 

  • “With the work I put in on my body, how I take care of it in the down time is so important. Using the Kineon Move+ red light therapy unit has shown me new ways to recover faster, speed up the injury process, create better joint health and it’s super easy to use,” said Mayer. 
  • “The results speak for themselves and that’s why I always use the Move+,” he added. 

The way the Move+ device works is it uses “low-angle emission LEDs and Infrared (IR) lasers to penetrate joint tissue, reducing pain and inflammation and improving long-term recovery for chronic and acute conditions,” according to a blog post from Kineon on the benefits.

LEDs are touted to help stimulate collagen production, improve circulation, and treat surface-level inflammation, while the laser diodes for deeper tissue healing, said the blog. 

In another blog, Kineon shares the ways Move+ can improve sports performance, especially pre-workout. The device can significantly reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, also known as DOMS, enabling you to get back to smashing workouts the day after a tough session. 

“By using the light before exercise, it creates a “pre-conditioning” effect where the muscle cells suffer less damage from the exercise, as well as display higher strength/stamina in subsequent exercise following the initial bout of exercise,” said the blog. 

Aside from using it pre-workout, Move+ is also suggested to be used right after a grueling workout. Red light therapy can improve muscle recovery and reduce soreness. Kineon’s team of science and medical professionals have spent many hours working on this model and doing real-world testing to validate the comprehensive light distribution model. 

Other notable Games athletes who have used the Move+ are Brooke Wells and Emily Rolfe. Both athletes recently competed at the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza competition in Miami, Florida. 

  • Rolfe, a four-times Games athlete, spends “countless hours in the gym training which demands a lot from my body,” she said. 
  • “Since I’ve been using Kineon Move+ laser therapy just 15 minutes nightly, many of my nagging injuries have virtually gone away.” 
  • “I don’t understand why any athlete wanting to be at the top of their sport would not add the Move+ to their recovery protocol. It’s an easy addition to my recovery and it sets me up for success!”
Photo Credit: Kineon

The Move+ is safe to use as a part of post-surgery recovery, especially on the knee. For the best results, the device should be used 10-15 minutes per day for 4-6 weeks post-surgery, according to Kineon. 

When compared to other LED devices the Move+ has medical-grade laser technology that penetrates deep into the joint. It is also U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered. 

The bottom line: If you’re in search of something to speed up recovery from injuries and combat muscle soreness the Move+ is a good option for you.

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