Building Confidence to Hit Strength PRs

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Do you have the strength to PR but keep missing the lift whenever you test your 1-Rep Max? Do you keep testing your 1-Rep Max over and over hoping to finally hit it? There is a better way to go about it with your lifts, and any movement really.

More than likely what you are lacking is confidence. Here’s what you can do to build your confidence along with your strength so that you can hit that new 1-RM you just know you have in you. 

Confident or not, if you want to develop your strength, you need to follow a thoughtfully laid out program. Testing your max load every session, or every week, for that matter, isn’t doing you any favors. There is a way to get stronger without doing this and it includes proper progressions and lots of accessory work so that you can accumulate the volume you need to build strength while avoiding injury or plateaus. The Invictus Strength Program does those things plus provides you a community of support along with feedback and review from me (your coach). Join Invictus Strength now!

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