Five Recovery Tips for Masters Athletes
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Recovery is more than just muscle repair. It also involves chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair, mental state, and more. For all athletes, especially Masters, it is crucial to take your recovery practices just as seriously as your training protocol. We have had much experience working with both competitive and recreational Masters athletes and notice how much progress they make when they prioritize their recovery compared to those who don’t. 

We want you to be successful in your athletic journey! So we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 recovery trips based on our extensive work with Masters athletes. Below you will find the list – Download our FREE guide for all suggestions for each of the 5 tips!

Five Recovery Tips for Masters Athletes

1 – Sleep

Sleep is the most important time to recover. Adequate levels of sleep help to provide mental health, hormonal balance, and muscular recovery. You need to get enough sleep, which is between seven to nine hours for most athletes. If you are not getting enough sleep or your quality of sleep is sub par, improving here should be a major focus. 

2 – Hydrate

Many don’t think about hydration as being an important aspect of recovery but it is vital! Masters athletes are very active and usually have a packed schedule so drinking adequate amounts of water may be lacking in their routine. There are some simple things you can do to make sure you stay hydrated.

3 – Compression Therapy

Compression can help increase blood flow to specific areas of the body, deliver more oxygen and nutrients to areas of particular soreness, while also flushing metabolic waste, toxins, and lactic acid. This can help speed up muscle recovery, prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which is particularly helpful when competing for multiple days, and decrease muscle fatigue. We recommend a few different tools you can use for compression.  

4 – Supplements

If you are reading this email then our guess is you have a shelf of supplements at home that you are incorporating into your daily routine. There is one supplement in particular that may not be on your shelf but can be especially helpful for recovery.

5- Proper Training Plan with Masters in Mind

Make sure you are following a training plan that isn’t just slamming you with volume and high intensity training day in and day out. A smart training plan for Masters will include these things…hint, the Invictus Masters Program has them all!

Ready to reap the benefits of being a well recovered athlete? Our 5 Recovery Tips for Masters Athletes has all the details you need! Download the FREE guide now! 

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