Grip Strength Benchmarks for a Longer Life

May 17, 2023 by
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Here’s a little secret: grip strength is more important than many of us realize. What if I told you that having a strong grip would help you live longer? Interesting connections exist between grip strength and absolute strength, all-cause mortality, and chronic diseases (1, 2). 

The important message here is simple – increase your grip strength and you’ll live a longer life (probably), and most likely also a healthier one with less disease. At least you put the odds in your favor. We don’t really know why, yet, but there are some interesting hypotheses which researchers are currently exploring. 

What we do know is that if you are overweight or obese with a weak grip, you aren’t going to live very long. If you are overweight or obese and your grip strength is high compared to your sex and age group, this hedges some mortality risk and increases life span. The optimal option is lean with a strong grip.

Benchmarks for Grip Strength

Here are some grip strength and endurance benchmarks for you to play with. If you aren’t at the “decent” level upon first testing, keep training with patience and intelligence and work towards mastery.

  • Farmer Carry (70 feet)
    • Decent = Carry ¾ of body weight in each hand
    • Good = Carry body weight in each hand
    • Great = 1.25+ x body weight in each hand
  • Double overhand grip deadlift (no hook grip)
    • Decent = 1.5 x bodyweight
    • Good = double bodyweight
    • Great 2.25+ x bodyweight
  • Hanging
    • 3-minute unbroken hang – grip any way you desire
    • 1-minute unbroken single arm hang

Here’s how to improve your maximal grip strength…

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